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She Wanted to be a Priest as a Little Girl

But then she found out that the Church couldn't ordain women. Not wouldn't. Couldn't. And Katherine Thomas says that's why she's Catholic today:

As a 20-something Catholic woman with a master's degree in theology, I found the article "Female priests push Catholic boundaries" (Dec. 11) relevant and provocative.

Having shown a religious interest at a young age, I often was asked whether I would want to be a priest when I grew up. It seemed to me a possibility at the time.
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Mary De Voe said...

If God wanted her to be a priest, God would have created her male. One cannot believe in God and in doing God's will, if one wants to do one's own will. Altar girls too, are subtly encouraged to seek out the priesthood with only heartbreak and misunderstanding in the way.

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