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Scientist: Nuns Should Take The Pill

This is anti-Catholic lunacy, especially when you consider that the Pill is a carcinogen. The Blaze reports:

Should nuns be taking contraceptives? On the surface, this seems like a bizarre question to be asking, especially considering the Catholic Church’s stance on birth control and the fact that Catholic clergy take a celibacy pledge.

But scientists are now claiming that “the pill” would help protect nuns from breast, ovarian and uterine cancer — diseases they claim are more likely among women who never bear children.
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Sophia's Favorite said...

Anyone else wanna point out nuns aren't clergy?

I could see putting them on hormone supplements, actually—almost certainly by coincidence, those scientists are not wrong about the health-risks of never bearing children—but on a lower dose than the pill, which is some seriously strong juju.

Athletes who are using steroids effectively (as in, rather than just guzzling bull hormones and hoping for the best) only take 200 mg per week; an average dose of of daily oral contraceptives is 250 mg. I'm not sure how comparable that is—testosterone and the estrogen-progesterone cocktail in the pill are two different things—but they must be fairly similar, given how many side effects they have in common.

Mary De Voe said...

If God wanted any person to have what is in the "pill", God would have put it in their body. Long term side effects may be worse than the "cure". God is omniscient. Only God is omniscient.

Lauren said...

Mary, you could say the same thing about Lipitor or Advil. Nuns aren't Christian Scientists.

I have serious doubts about the medical benefits of the pill. These "studies" always make me skeptical. However, I think the immoral part of contraception is the using it for contraception part. The pill is not immoral just sitting there on the shelf. It's use becomes immoral when you take it then have sex. So I think you could take it if you abstain. I also think a woman who has had a hystarectomy could take it for hormone replacement without much worry.

I still think this sounds pretty dubious, and would be pretty bad PR if suddenly nuns were issued the pill with their vows.

Krisedu said...

My problem is these are the same people who argue that the Duggars miscarried because she's been pregnant too many times and that's bad for her body...make up your mind people! Either having children is healthy for a woman's body or it's not. The contradictory statements they make reveal that anti-catholic bias is what's really at the heart of this lunacy.

Z. D. Hayden said...

Krisedu, could it not be possible that not bearing children at all is harmful AS WELL AS bearing too many?

In regard to the morality, according to Catholic theology, Lauren is technically correct - unless it is used to contracept, it can be considered as merely a (rather potent) hormone treatment.

Just because someone offers criticism or an alternative to some aspect of some group according to that someone's personal beliefs based upon their own findings that does not mean they are anti-whatevergroup. I understand the impetus behind seeking victim status, as such a status brings a good deal of authority born from pity. Claiming to be made a victim when one is not, however, is like being the boy who cried wolf.

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