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Ho No! A Return To The 5k

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Ho No! A Return To The 5k

So next weekend I am gonna run a local 5k called the Ho Ho Ho Holiday Run. I did this event a couple of times some years ago and I always enjoyed it.

I did some 5ks over the summer and early fall as speedwork during my early marathon prep. But that was a while ago. The last time I ran "fast" was mid-October when I did the Rock n Roll 10k in Brooklyn and I haven't done a 5k since September I think. The point is, I haven't run fast in a while and I am wondering if all my speed (what I had of it) has disappeared.

With my long training, tapering, and recovery running fast was just not part of the plan. But now I am beginning my training for the Manhattan Half-Marathon January 21 so speed work is definitely part of the plan. So it is with this in mind that I want to run this 5k. That seems logical. Here is the illogical part. I am afraid of what I might find.

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