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Happiness Is A Warm Bed

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Happiness is a warm bed. That was all I wanted this morning, to stay in my nice cozy warm bed.

I did a triple 45 workout yesterday. I ran for 45 minutes in the morning. Swam for 45 minutes at lunch. Rode on the bike trainer for 45 minutes last night after dinner. Not that any of it was particularly intense or anything, but I was tired.

When my alarm rang this morning, I looked out at the dark and said to myself, "I can skip today. Or maybe I can run at lunchtime. Or maybe I should just take the day off."

I am not a morning debater usually. If I debate what to do each day, nothing good can come of it. When tempted to turn off the alarm, I yell at myself internally to "Just get up and do it, idiot." And I do.

But this morning Lincoln and Douglass were going at it in m head. Just get up. Listen to your body...Continue Reading >>>>

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