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GOP Too Dumb To Live

Yeah, what he said.

I took some grief on the recent NR cruise by telling the group that I thought Mitt Romney would lose to Barack Obama rather handily. That for some mysterious reason Obama continues to have relatively strong personal-approval numbers and a substantial, reliable base, which Romney doesn’t. As a typical standard-issue Republican, Romney wouldn’t have the heart or the courage to take the fight to the president, but instead would debate around the edges, and lose.

If this is to be believed, that’s the actual strategy:

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Anonymous said...

The GOP strategy is to run another RINO so Obama gets re-elected. We ahve a one party system playing "good cop-bad cop". Obama did nothing but advance the agenda Bush promoted. No real difference between them. Bushs' commies (the Neocons) are just less in your face with their collectivism.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the severely flawed, simplistic and futile attitude by many, including some at CMR, that we have no choice but to vote for whatever lacking, neo-con, typical establishment candidate the Repubs end up nominating and cannot vote third-party; and the loser attitude that "a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for the Democrat, blah blah blah I'm a lemming blah blah..." This failing mentality needs to go, as our two-party system and miserable Republican candidates continue to leave us with the choice of politicians who will destroy us fairly quickly versus politicians who will destroy us at a slightly slower rate. What's the point? This "vote for the Republican at all costs" attitude has to go in order to lend support to some other candidates who actually stand for something other than being less worse than the Democrat. I can tell you right now that when John McCain II... I mean Romney... gets the nomination, as he likely will, he won't have a prayer of getting my vote. I'll give my vote to someone who ISN'T lame as a politician.

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