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Gene Therapy for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is terrible. But some use it to push suicide. Rebecca Taylor writes about hope for the future:

Chronic pain is a major problem for many and some pain does not respond to traditional pain medications or some people cannot tolerate the side effects. The culture of death has their solution for those suffering from chronic intractable pain: assisted suicide. Researchers at the University of Michigan have another more hopeful approach: gene therapy. They have engineered a herpes virus to deliver the gene that encodes for a natural pain killer. This virus migrates to the nerves and makes the nerve cells produce the pain killer for a month to six weeks. Researchers think they can extend this effect for up to 6 months.
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Anxiety said...

My husband has suffered from chronic pain for 20+ years. The location is referred to as the lower right quadrant. The pain comes and goes about every 3 hours and the morning pain is the worst. There has been no actual diagnosis and he now takes 30 mg of morphine twice a day but still cannot function normally when the pain occurs. I feel that it is not helping and must be increased. He must be away from people, remove outer clothing as if it is restrictive and either lies on the carpet or sits on the couch, leaning away from his right side. He cannot have conversation at this time and tries to read magazines to control his thoughts. Only time changes this pain and when it is gone, he is back to normal. The only time the pain went away in 20 years was when he was hospitalized for histoplasmosis. We have list available of doctors and pain clinics he has been to, medications that have been tried and procedures that were tried. He did have some improvement when he was taking oxycontin and clonozopam, but the doctors didn't want to continue with these drugs.

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