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Flip Turns And Answered Prayers

What flip turns in swimming taught me about the prayer life.

Flip Turns And Answered Prayers

There is nothing natural about it.

You come in to the wall, you turn yourself upside down, blindly reach for the wall with your feet, push off and hope you are headed in the right direction.

Flip Turns. I have dreaded flip turns for as long as I have been swimming, which is going on 9 years now.

This whole time, even though I swam 5 times a week at points, I never learned how to do flip turns. Oh sure, I tried a few times, but it was always so disorienting and uncomfortable, I quickly gave them up. In this way, flip turns are a lot like prayer. Some of us may like to pray more, but every time we do it we feel uncomfortable. It is disorienting and we don't immediately get anything out of it, so we give up. What's the point?

So like I said, I never learned how to do flip turns. When I started...

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