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The Cholesterol Lie

Very interesting compilation of data and articles suggesting that high cholesterol is not the culprit in heart disease.

Fighting heart disease is big business. And when I say big business, I mean BIG business. Prescriptions of the statin drug Lipitor alone produce billions of dollars of sales each year.

Statins of course, are a class of drugs which are designed to reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering a person’s cholesterol levels. Over the course of the last decade they has become the prominent feature of heart disease management by the healthcare industry.

Secondary to this is the vilification of dietary saturated fats for their connection to serum cholesterol levels as produced inside the human body. The last several generations of people have seen staples of the human diet like butter, eggs, and beef, become public enemies in the fight to save lives.

But what if all of these fronts are a farce. What if you found out that the cholesterol you eat has no connection to the cholesterol you body produces...

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Anonymous said...

Go Primal, man. Carbs are the problem.

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