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At Catholic Colleges, Mass Translation ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

Is the new Missal the Y2K of Catholicism?

The prophecies of the calamitous consequences of the introduction of the new missal were heard around the country. But was it much ado about little?

There were warnings from some Catholic publications that the new translation was “unreadable” and an “inhibitor to authentic prayer.”

One news story suggested that “New missal could drive away Catholics.” Another fretted, “Liturgists Worry About Upcoming Implementation.”

But according to a number of priests and campus ministry professionals at faithful Catholic colleges, it seems that all the worry about the new missal translation is a bit like Y2K – prophecies of doom and gloom followed quickly by rather smooth sailing.
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Anonymous said...

What's really impressive is that they managed to get such a diverse sample of opinions for the article: Belmont Abbey, Thomas More, Christendom....
If the new translation was going to be a problem anywhere those hot-beds of dissent were sure to be first.

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