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Archbishop Wenski: Notre Dame Got Played

Wow. Bracing truth.

Writing in the Miami Herald, Archbishop Thomas Wenski said that the University of Notre Dame, along with other notable Catholics who supported Barack Obama’s health care plan, got played.
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Clinton said...

The Archbishop is being charitable. I believe that
the administration of Notre Dame knew that the
Obama was only peddling lip service. Witness ND's
shabby treatment of Bishop D'Arcy, its prosecution
of pro-life protesters, and its subsequent spinning
and obfuscation after its endorsement of the pres-

For UND to cry crocodile tears at this point is absurd.
They weren't played-- they were willing accomplices.
Remember, UND blew off open letters of protest
from over 100 American bishops warning them that
this administration was no friend to the unborn.
How can they say they never saw this coming?

The administration of ND is Democrat first, and
Catholicism is a distant second, something to be
trotted out for parent's weekend and put on the
glossy promotional brochures. I wouldn't send my
dog there.

Anonymous said...

No they did not get "played" as the Archbishop claimed. The whole country and 54% of American Catholics said they were not "single issue voters" and they did not care what this man said or who his associates were and are. The whole nation should have seen through his words in 2008.

Anonymous said...

"pro-life Catholics such as Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak and the Catholic Health Association’s Sister Carol Keenan "


Anonymous said...

Um, the Bishop is writing from the premise that ND is on the side of life. Sorry, but if we are to believe that ND was in the game & playing - THEY WERE KNOWINGLY ON THE WRONG SIDE!

Anonymous said...

Everyone who claims to be Catholic is not Catholic. ND is simply no longer a Catholic school but they claim to be in order to subvert Church teaching and confuse. The Obammunists policies are Marxist. Some Catholics-collectivists think that socialism/communism is required as Catholic social teaching, the ND administration is of that philosophy. No, they were not "played", they AGREE with Obama.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Obama to be re-elected!!!!
Whooohhooo! YEAH!!!

He is the MAN!!!!

That's what most people still think thanks to ONLY one or two bishops speaking out for what is going on here. Silence means consent.

Obama 2012!

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