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Archbishop Hepworth to resign as head of TAC

Catholic Culture reports:

The leader of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) has announced that he will step down next year. But other bishops of the Anglican group want his resignation immediately.

Anglican Archbishop John Hepworth said that his resignation would take effect in May 2012, on Pentecost Sunday. He said that move was prompted by the “considerable dissension” that has arisen within the TAC in recent months.
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Fr William Bauer said...

Archbishop Hepworth, shepherded the movement that resulted in Anglicanorum coetibus (promulgated in 2009 by B16) and deserves praise, rather than character assassination.

The "other groups" mentioned are two (2) .. got that TWO (2) bishops of the Anglican Church in America. Those 2 of the 3 bishops left in that group held a meeting and voted against the archbishop. They achieved a two-thirds majority (2 out of 3). The third bishop did not vote and subsequently resigned from the house of bishops.

The article here is not newsworthy and ought to be removed. Please check your facts.

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