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Will Changes Cause Mass Confusion?

Elizabeth Tenety writes at On Faith:

The Catholic Church, its religious authorities often remind its followers, is intentionally slow to change, if it ever changes at all. The ritual of Communion, where the priest consecrates the bread and wine for distribution to the faithful, for example, has been observed in similar fashion for thousands of years.
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Michael said...

How can anyone take seriously an article that posits "Communion" (does the author mean the liturgy of the Mass?) has changed little in "thousands of years," then frets over the "profound" changes that the faithful will endure when they have to say "And with your spirit" instead of "And also with you."

The new translation is a bigger change than, say, the imposition of a radically revised rite in a completely different language?


Maurisa said...

It's kind of funny how so many of these folks are fretting over the impending confusion that will be caused by using an actual translation of the Latin. I guess all those Catholic "pewsitters" are too dense to understand well written prose.

Even funnier that the think these changes are more profound than the post-Vatican II liturgy.

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