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Study: 3% Of Catholics Left Church

Marcel writes:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011Study - 3% of Catholics Left Church Because of Scandals

Which congregations are getting the 3% of Catholics who have left?
Baptists, in large part.

Below is an interesting report from Notre Dame economist Daniel Hungerman (full report here - pdf) on signs that the Catholic Church has lost 3% of her members due to scandals, in addition to billions of dollars.
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Mary De Voe said...

and where will these 3% find the Real Presence? Simon Peter asked Christ: "To WHOM would we go?"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I am one of the 3% they are talking about. Our local deanery has lost all of the good priests it had over the past few years so I cancelled my parish membership and go to the Mass that is the least offensive. There just isn't a local parish worth belonging to. The parish I did belong to is on its fifth priest in about 6 years. The liturgy went downhill starting with the first change. Frustrating.

Fr William Bauer said...

The scandal stories are disseminated by the homo-friendly media, which does not report that:
1) Most priests are faithful, and
2) Almost 100% of the sexual activity is homosexual.

Anonymous said...

I never left, but I'll admit I became terribly cynical. I am recovering now, thanks to the example of the good priests (who are in the majority) and my unshakable faith that Jesus will not abandon His Church.

Anonymous said...

If this is coming from any source connecting to Notre Dame, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Most of the large departure of Catholics is not in the U.S. but mostly as most people are aware in Europe mostly in Germany, Austria and more recently and sadly in Ireland where the Pope is now not allowed to go to because of the hostility of the whole country over abuse and the coverups by the clergy there.

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