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The Pro-Life Defeat That Wasn't

Kathryn Lopez writes on the personhood amendment in Mississippi:

The morning after this month’s relatively quiet Election Day, I read story after story about a major pro-life defeat. “Mississippi Wins for Women!” The Daily Beast exclaimed. “Birth Control Remains Legal: Mississippi Voters Reject Draconian ‘Personhood’ Initiative,” declared the National Organization for Women. “Our victory in Mississippi has already sent a strong message to extremists who will stop at nothing to outlaw abortion. If we stand together, we can stop the escalating assault on reproductive rights,” the American Civil Liberties Union proclaimed.
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Mary De Voe said...

Blackmun and Brennan said they did not know if a person was present when two become one. Science has proved that a new DNA is created when two become one, a person with an immortal soul and free will. The state does not endow free will or unalienable rights, God does. Atheists have no unalienable rights without recognizing and acknowledging our Creator endowed unalienable rights. The Supreme Court 1) ought to have asked for discovery. 2) recussed themselves. 3) Given the person the benefit of a doubt. The devil is jealous of man's immortal soul and tries to swindle man out of his immortal soul.

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