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Priest Mocks New Liturgy

This may be a new low for the National Catholic Reporter. Just check out the disdain this priest shows for a lay Catholic. Oh and remember, frozen embryo jokes are always funny. Always.:

A Catholic priest who reportedly teaches at Bellarmine University mocked the new liturgical translation as well as those who would defend it in a piece published by the National Catholic Reporter.

The piece starts out mocking a layman for his support of the new liturgy.
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Anonymous said...

NCR has marked the piece as "fiction" but for a priest to have written this is gross.

priest's wife said...

I know this is 'nitpicking'- but it is not a new liturgy (like the title states)- just a corrected translation of the N O. So- rubrics are the same, no?

Mary De Voe said...

Does the national catholic reporter know that "God" is spelled with a capital "G"? national catholic reporter

Mary De Voe said...

The new Liturgy is the real liturgy that accents the soul of man through the soul of Jesus Christ.

Maurisa said...

Written with all the spiritual and intellectual depth as the liturgical translation he was defending.

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