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PP's Tips to Promote Abortion This Holiday

Tina Korbe writes at Hot Air:

Often, the holidays are far pleasanter in the abstract than they are in the particulars. Warm intentions to celebrate family with good food, generous attitudes and grateful hearts often give way to heated religious or political debates at one extreme or stiff politeness at the other. It’s tempting to develop a strategy to avoid awkward confrontations — and, on some level, leftover rules of etiquette do compel us to avoid controversial topics when we’re talking to those with whom we don’t have a particularly regular relationship — but, on Thanksgiving, as on any other day, it’s worth it to firmly but graciously defend first principles … especially when opponents of those principles come to the dinner table prepared to muddy the water, obscure the issue and cast you as the intolerant extremist.
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Mary De Voe said...

Darwin believed in "survival of the fittest" Darwin's philosophy of survival of the fittest depends upon the individual to be given a chance at survival and not to be terminated by unnatural choice, or denied his chance to be his best. Pure evil is skrewing with the minds of Planned Parenthood and Obama is making taxpayers pay for this evil skrew. When two become one, a new DNA is created. A new human being comes into existence. If the newly begotten human being is not alive, abortion would be not necessary, but the sovereign person grows to constitute our nation because all men are created equal. Now the people must allow Darwin's "survival of the fittest" bring forth the geniuses in mind and body and spirit.

Mary De Voe said...

Dred Scott, the U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring that the slave to be only one half a person, Roe v. Wade, the abortion decision declaring that the newly begotten is not a person and Engel v. Vitale, the prayer ban decision, declaring that the Person of God was “persona non grata” in God’s creation, all have one thing in common: These decisions are unconstitutional because they are all based on the fallacious assumption that the Declaration of Independence was replaced by our Constitution.
The next time anyone engages you over abortion at a Thanksgiving Dinner ask him to show you where in our Constitution is the truth that all men are created equal reversed, eradicated or annulled. Also where in our Constitution are the unalienable rights of all men who are created equal, and endowed by our Creator, renounced or not ratified. Ask your abortion proponent or Planned Parenthood to show you where in our Constitution is the Divine Right to change any of our founding principles without the ratification by two thirds of the states? Ask too, why Obama legislates by Executive Order and the Court legislates by imperial command and the constituents of our Congress are left emasculated by special interests.
Malthus lived by Divine Providence and ate God’s bread, then assailed God for his gifts. The atheist too, lives by Divine Providence and eats God’s bread.

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