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New Book: What's Wrong with Notre Dame?

ND Law Professor Charles Rice wrote has a book coming out of his essays and there's a great teaser out about false advertising and Notre Dame:

A new book called “Right or Wrong” by Professor Charles Rice of the University of Notre Dame Law School diagnoses the decline of the University of Notre Dame, according to the Wanderer Forum Foundation.

The book which will be published by St. Augustine’s Press is a compilation of Rice’s essays which have appeared in the student newspaper over the last 40 years.
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Anonymous said...

The problems with the once great Notre Dame actually started in 1967 with the publication of the so called Land O Lakes statement that called for "academic Freedom" but also that year the whole school was given over to a lay trustee board and also all of the Jesuit run schools are still causing confusion but at least there is a newer younger breed off Jesuits who attended World Youth Day in August.

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