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Is Gov't More Corrupt Than We Thought?

Wow. This story from Pundette is sickening:

Is it possible our government is more corrupt than we thought?

Why yes, it is. Peter Schweizer has written a book exposing Congress's nifty system of "honest [sic] graft" and 60 Minutes (yes, that 60 Minutes) has teamed up with him to investigate it. Business Insider reports:

Members of Congress can legally make trades on non-public information they obtain during their official duties, CBS News' '60 Minutes' reported on Sunday night.
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Mary De Voe said...

Does everybody understand that every politician has given himself a retirement benefit equal to his pay while he worked and a quarter of a million dollars to his wife every year for the rest of her life? Yes, serve one term in Congress and you retire with your benefit equal to your pay for the rest of your life. Throw them all out and give them all the time they need to party on the taxpayer. Elect one congressman and pay one benefit for the rest of his life. Elect ten congressmen and pay ten benefits for the rest of their lives. This alone impinges upon good government. The politicians have taken all of our money. There is only our lives and our unalienable rights to take away starting with our personhood. They started with denying the Person of God in the public square, accusing Him of offending the atheist. They gave God no Rule of Law or let Him defend Himself in a court of law. They took Justice from the Person of God and let the libel, the blasphemy against God stand: the Person of God offends the atheist. Then they trampled on the personhood of the newly begotten human being whose very existence is the criterion for the objective ordering of human rights. The atheist cannot explain his existence and refuses to allow another person's existence, refuses to acknowledge the other person's unalienable Creator endowed rights. Every person becomes the victim of one who denies the existence of the Person of God. The hard lot of the Israelites in Egypt is nothing compared to being taxed to death without acknowledgment of personhood, conscience, freedom, and citizenship in the public square.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone didn't know it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mary. You are wrong. ONE Congressman does not participate in their pension scheme, and has returned a part of his office budget for YEARS. That would be He Who Must Not Be Mentioned...Ron Paul. Paul also plans to accept only $40,000 a year as pay for president, the average American salary.
(But sleazoid, thrice married Gingrich is Catholic so let's get all excited about HIM)

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