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The Goddess Rosary

Would you like some paganism with your Christianity? Bad Vestments has the pic and the story:

To connoisseurs of ecclesiastical goofballism like me, one name stands head and shoulders above the rest and believe it or not, that name is not connected with the Episcopal Church. It is a San Francisco Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation officially called Ebenezer although, as you can see by the link, it has begun to refer to itself as herchurch.

Why does herchurch exist?
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Mary De Voe said...

We follow Jesus Christ crucified through life into death and with Jesus into Resurrection.
What does the woman crucified do for our salvation?
Jesus said to His Father: "I have all those you have given to me." Crucified, and before He died, Jesus gave all of us to His Mother Mary, so that when He died, all of us would be free to choose to accompany Him into death and hell or remain with Mary. The choice is ours. What choice does the woman in the Goddess Rosary give anybody except confusion and chaos?

Anonymous said...

It's really rather funny. These crazy women with all of their notions of being oppressed, blah, blah, complaining about outmoded traditions blah, blah, yet all they can come up with is to copy devotions, icons, vestments, rosaries, etc. from the Church and morph them into whatever they want to worship. One would think they would have their own ideas???

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