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Fr. Jenkins Defends Obama Invite

Campus Notes reports:

Two years ago, Fr. John Jenkins of the University of Notre Dame shocked Catholics all over the country with his decision to honor President Barack Obama at Commencement ceremonies.

Thousands of Catholics protested the invitation and several bishops and Cardinals even spoke out against it but Fr. Jenkins insisted that dialogue would be “fruitful.”

Now, after the open assault on religious freedom undertaken by the administration, one alumni watchdog group is wondering why Fr. Jenkins is still defending his invitation to Obama.
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Mary De Voe said...

Notre Dame University and Father Jenkins need to rescind the honorary doctor of law awarded to Obama

Anonymous said...

Hey Fr Jenkins, your "fruit" is rotten. Ever heard the term "useful idiot"??

Clinton said...

If I were a faithless, unscrupulous president of a
Catholic university, and I grew tired of having
faculty, alumni and students constantly expecting
me to uphold Catholic standards in education, then
I would do precisely what Fr. Jenkins has done.

In making his award to Obama and continuing to
defend it, Fr. Jenkins and the rest of the leader-
ship at ND are signaling that the Faith no longer
matters there. They are signaling to Catholics who
take their faith seriously that they should go
elsewhere. I suspect that the leadership at ND
would add "... and good riddance". With fewer
actual Catholics on campus and more fellow
travelers, the ND leadership will have an institution
more to their liking.

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