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File This Under "Thank God I'm Catholic."

So this is what a Lutheran ordination looks like in San Francisco. Bad Vestments has the...um...magical pic.

View the pic at Bad Vestments.

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My Chocolate Heart said...

I went to that "church's" website, and I'm not sure I've ever seen anything more chilling and frightening. Their idolatry and heresy is beyond the pale. May God have mercy on them. My heart broke for the children I saw in their pictures. Jesus, rescue them!

Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...


This is why we have to make sure that these ordinations don't happen in Catholic churches. Many times when "Bishops" are ... whatever it is they are doing in that picture... in protestant faiths, the local church is too small, so they enlist the help of their Catholic friends.

We need to watch for this and safeguard against it... if for no other reason than I am sure that glitter on floors is a slipping hazard.

Hal Duston said...

ELCA. Three lies in one. It is neither Evangelical, nor Lutheran, nor even really a Church. I suppose it is in America though.

MaryW said...


Christopher Johnson said...

Lately, those folks have been playing down the Lutheran connection, calling themselves herchurch. And if you really want to be offended, they sell these things there:


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