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Cheating Death and Loving God

Tony Rossi writes:

At the age of 14, Rosario Rodriguez was attacked by a man while she walked to the bus stop one morning. He dragged her into a wooded area and tried to rape her.

Though he covered her mouth, Rosario managed to scream the Hail Mary at the top of her lungs. All of a sudden, her attacker looked above her head. During an interview with me on Christopher Closeup, Rosario—now in her early 30's—recalled, "His eyes got really big. He looked afraid, jumped up and ran away. My first reaction was to turn around to see what he saw, but I saw nothing . . . . We've always had guesses [that he saw] St. Michael or my guardian angel or our Lady because I was screaming the Hail Mary. But I believe he saw something divine."
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