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Chaput: In Defense of Human Dignity

Archbishop Chaput writes this great piece about human dignity:

Most of my sources in this essay are not Catholic. That shouldn’t be surprising. Catholics have no monopoly on respect for human dignity. Catholics do have a very long tradition of thinking about the nature of the human person and society, but I’d like to begin by setting the proper framework for our discussion.
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Mary De Voe said...

"organized inhumanity" the Culture of Death.
The Constitution for The United States of America is written for, by and with the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Person of Jesus Christ, citizen of the world and universe. The Person of Jesus Christ is God and therefore defines our Constitution as a universal documentation of each and every person's human rights and obligations to the Person of God, one another, and the common good. Divine Justice in the Person of Jesus Christ is inscribed in our Constitution to be interpreted by the personification of Divine Justice, those called "Justice" in the Supreme Court for the United States of America. A miscarriage of Justice, imperfect Justice is tyranny. Roe v. Wade the abortion decision is a miscarriage of Justice murdering our Constitutional posterity, ("to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity - Preamble)our destiny as a nation, a free people. Our Constitutional posterity is a promise by our founding principles that all men are free to pursue their Happiness, their destiny. Our Constitution is a declaration that all PERSONS from the Person of Jesus Christ, true God and TRUE MAN, the Person of God, the Father, and the Person of the Holy Spirit, will be known and acknowledged.
Any person who denies the unalienable rights to another PERSON, forfeits his own unalienable rights and deserves to be corrected by our personification of Divine Justice, those whom we call "Justice".

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