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Bishops Issue Warning on Religious Freedom

The Cardinal Newman Society has the story and the document:

The bishops of Maryland issued a 16 page report warning that the American people’s religious liberties are “being silently and subtly eroded.”

The right to religious liberty has come under attack from recent actions by both federal and state governments as well as the courts and the bishops are calling upon the “vigilance of concerned citizens” to “stand up for this right” and “safeguard religious liberty for generations to come.”
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Mary De Voe said...

The abomination of abominations, abortion will be paid for by all taxpayers. Medicare payments are going to increase from $ 91.00 per month to $240.00 per month by 2014. Medicare coverage will be cut back to 50% forcing all members to purchase Obamacare.

Mary De Voe said...

It is in the human soul that personhood, free will and freedom exist. Everything else dies. To deny one’s conscience is to deny one’s soul, one’s personhood, one's free will and one’s freedom. Everything else dies.

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