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Bishop D'Arch: Where Were You the Day Obama Came?

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Speaking at the 12th annual conference of the Center for Ethics and Culture (CEC) that took place recently on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, according to LifeSitenews.com, Bishop emeritus John D’Arcy of Fort Wayne-South Bend referred to the long lasting impact and gravity of Notre Dame’s honoring of President Barack Obama.
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Ann G. said...

Matt-Can you fix Bishop D'Arcy's name in the headline? I was trying to think if I've ever heard of a Bishop D'Arch :)
I was in the crowd with my daughter, youngest son, and my sister, listening to the pro-life speakers that day in May. I am so proud to say that Bishop D'Arcy is Bishop Emeritus in our diocese. He is a kind, sweet man. He is so humble. I attended a Catholic women's conference here in Ft. Wayne and to my surprise, when I went to confession that day, Bishop D'Arcy was my confessor. Although from Massachussetts, he has chosen to stay with his flock after retirement here in the Diocese of Ft. Wayne/South Bend. He is even a chaplain at one of our Catholic high schools now. We are now blessed to have Bishop Kevin Rhoades as our bishop. Bishop Rhoades was one of the brave and true bishops that signed the letter against Obama receiving the N.D. award. He's awesome!

Mary De Voe said...

Learning about the character reference for Obama from Saul Alinsky who offered his work to the devil and asked God to send him to hell. Obama was Alinsky's favorite student and Obama became a teacher of Alinsky's when he graduated from Hell training school. If hell is incompetent, if the devil is incompetent, then Obama is incompetent. The same must be said for EVIL.

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