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Dems Party at Planned Parenthood

Weasel Zippers has the invite:

Only Democrats would consider an abortion clinic to be a suitable place for a party.
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Catholic University Wins!!!


Yesterday, November 29, the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights dismissed a George Washington University law professor’s complaint that The Catholic University of America (CUA) committed sex discrimination when it decided to return to single-sex dormitories.

The D.C. Human Rights Office dismissed Banzhaf’s complaint this week, according to The Washington Post, “writing that single-sex dorms are not discriminatory because they do not treat men and women differently. The order says that under Banzhaf’s reasoning, the university would be forced to abandon single-sex sports teams, locker rooms and bathrooms.”
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Catholic Seminary Enrollment Up

Some good news.

In his first months as rector of Theological College in Washington, Father Phillip J. Brown has been confronting a problem that the national diocesan seminary for the U.S. Catholic Church "has not had for a long time" -- it is bursting at the seams.
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Where Have All the Catholic Writers Gone?

This is a fascinating read from The Millions.

Sebastian Flyte, the eccentric drunkard at the heart of Evelyn Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited, after describing the degrees of religious devotion in his English Catholic family, finally confesses to Charles Ryder:

“…I wish I liked Catholics more.”

“They seem just like other people.”

“My dear Charles, that’s exactly what they’re not — particularly in this country, where they’re so few… everything they think important is different from other people. They try and hide it as much as they can, but it comes out all the time.”

There was a time in the middle of the 20th Century when Catholic writers, many of them converts to the Church, were icons of the Anglo-American literary scene. In the U.K. writers like Waugh, Graham Greene, Muriel Spark, and J. R. R. Tolkien were preeminent, while Americans Flannery O’Connor, Walker Percy, J.F. Powers (his novel Morte D’Urban won the National Book Award in 1963), and Thomas Merton were celebrated on this side of the Atlantic.
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Planned Parenthood's Holiday Gift Guide

Sick. Just sick.

Planned Parenthood Offers Holiday Gift Guide Featuring “Adorable” Condom Embroidery And “Bold” Uterus Belt Buckle…
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Beautiful: Christendom Students Singing in Rome

Campus Notes has the vid:

Last week, a group of students from Christendom College were asked to sing at the 5pm Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, after which the group took to the streets of Rome and began singing a variety of liturgical and Christmas-themed songs on the Bridge of Angels, according to the college’s website.

While singing, Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV.com happened by and was blown away by what he saw and heard.
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Ick! VIP Abortions in the Rosa Parks Room

Some stories just turn my stomach. This is one.

Abortion Clinics Offering Women VIP Abortions In Rooms Named After Hillary Clinton And Rosa Parks…

LifeNews has a disturbing story on Whole Women’s Health in Texas and Maryland offering VIP abortions.
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"My Year with St. Therese of Lisieux"

Great new interview of the author Heather King at Dappled Things. Check it out:

“Coming Awake in Love”: A Discussion on the Struggle for Holiness and the Writing of Shirt of Flame: My Year with St. Therese of Lisieux
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Kreeft: Pro-Abort Catholics More Damaging than Sex Abuse Scandal

Campus Notes reports:

Boston College Professor and author Peter Kreeft told a group of 500 at the Bishop O’Connor Center in Madison that pro-abortion Catholics have done more damage to the Church than the sex abuse scandal, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Kreeft’s speech was focused on whether Catholics could be liberals and quickly turned to the issue of abortion where he said, “A Catholic cannot be today what is called a liberal about abortion. That’s obvious. That’s a ‘duh.’”

But a question from an audience member had Kreeft elaborating further:
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Garnett: Scrap the HHS Mandate

Notre Dame Law Professor Richard Garnett writes in USA Today:

James Madison, the "Father of our Constitution," believed that America's distinctive commitment to religious liberty "promised a lustre to our country." And, for more than two centuries, we have been trying — sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing badly — to prove Madison right.

In recent months, this effort has been playing out in the context of new rules, recently proposed by the Obama administration's Department of Health and Human Services, that would interpret the 2010 health care law to require all new insurance plans to cover contraceptives, sterilization and even some abortion-causing drugs. A wide range of groups and citizens from all over the political spectrum have filed comments with the department, urging changes to these proposed regulations. A final decision is expected soon.
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PP's Tips to Promote Abortion This Holiday

Tina Korbe writes at Hot Air:

Often, the holidays are far pleasanter in the abstract than they are in the particulars. Warm intentions to celebrate family with good food, generous attitudes and grateful hearts often give way to heated religious or political debates at one extreme or stiff politeness at the other. It’s tempting to develop a strategy to avoid awkward confrontations — and, on some level, leftover rules of etiquette do compel us to avoid controversial topics when we’re talking to those with whom we don’t have a particularly regular relationship — but, on Thanksgiving, as on any other day, it’s worth it to firmly but graciously defend first principles … especially when opponents of those principles come to the dinner table prepared to muddy the water, obscure the issue and cast you as the intolerant extremist.
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Will Changes Cause Mass Confusion?

Elizabeth Tenety writes at On Faith:

The Catholic Church, its religious authorities often remind its followers, is intentionally slow to change, if it ever changes at all. The ritual of Communion, where the priest consecrates the bread and wine for distribution to the faithful, for example, has been observed in similar fashion for thousands of years.
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Obama Omits God at Thanksgiving Address

What a shock, huh?

President Obama devoted his weekly radio address to thanking U.S. service members and volunteers at shelters and soup kitchens. But it's whom he didn't thank that caused a stir on Twitter: God.
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Giving Thanks

Charles Donovan writes at The Home Front:

Once again, another year is almost past, and I haven’t gotten what I deserved. That alone is cause for thanksgiving. I’ve driven over the speed limit 50 times and gotten no tickets. Failed to call friends back and still gotten birthday cards from them. Ducked my insurance agent and still been treated with courtesy and tact — and gotten a better policy. Gotten cross and spoken thoughtlessly to our children, and they will still, all four, be around the family table on Thursday to rejoice together with their mother and me. Rumor has it that a niece, sister, and boyfriend will join us too.
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Hitting the Spiritual Snooze Button

The Curt Jester writes:

In the spiritual life it is so easy to hit the snooze button on a more dedicated life of prayer. On alarm clocks the snooze button lets us pretend we are setting a goal by setting the alarm knowing that we can also just keep hitting the snooze button to advance that goal just a little bit farther into the future.
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Call to Action: Apparition of "St. Martin Luther" is Cool

This is priceless from LarryD:

Attendees at the Call-to-Action National Conference, held earlier this month in Milwaukee, were treated to a special announcement that brought cheers and tears of joy: the apparition of “St.” Martin Luther, who had appeared to an Omaha woman over a period of seven years, has been designated as “worthy of belief” by the CTA Board of Directors.
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Army Removes Cross from Chapel

Because, you know, Christianity is kind of offensive:

Afghanistan: Army Afraid of Offending Muslims, Removes Cross Displayed Outside Chapel On Military Base In Remote Region…
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"I Shook my Ordination Tambourine"

That has to be the greatest line ever uttered. It's just too perfect. Ignatius Insight has this hilarious story.

Why is it so hard to spoof the heresy and dissent of Priestettes and Co.?

Because when it comes to farce, cluelessness, arrogance, and downright nuttiness, it's nigh on impossible to satirize this sort of "reality", presented by the National "Catholic" Reporter:
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Priest Mocks New Liturgy

This may be a new low for the National Catholic Reporter. Just check out the disdain this priest shows for a lay Catholic. Oh and remember, frozen embryo jokes are always funny. Always.:

A Catholic priest who reportedly teaches at Bellarmine University mocked the new liturgical translation as well as those who would defend it in a piece published by the National Catholic Reporter.

The piece starts out mocking a layman for his support of the new liturgy.
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The Shushing Tyranny of "Be Nice!"

Love this piece from Elizabeth Scalia:

Lately I have noticed in some of my acquaintances the development of a very grave and solemn habit, indeed—a tendency to expect niceness in everyone they meet, particularly in professed Christians. When exposed to someone’s overwhelming urge to snark at politicians, headlines, celebrity-sham-marriages, and overplayed cards of indignation—all sound targets deserving a bit of cathartic scorn—these folks turn their heads away and, with a heavy sigh and choked tone, wonder why, oh why, can’t we all just get along?

Snark, they insist, is pointless, lacks charity and tears at the body of Christ. To be a good Christian, in their book, one must be nice.
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Vatican Commission on Architecture and Music

Fr. Rick Heilman writes:

New Vatican commission cracks down on church architecture and music
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Dems for Narrow Religious Exemption

Rick Garnett writes:

As MOJ readers know, Pres. John Jenkins (Notre Dame) and many others -- on "both sides" of the political spectrum -- have urged President Obama to re-think the very stingy exemption that exists for "religious employers" from the contraception-coverage mandate (which -- denials in some quarters notwithstanding -- will also include some abortion-inducing drugs) in the new health-insurance law. On Sunday, the New York Times reported that many Democrats are urging the President not to agree to a "change that would grant a broad exemption to health plans sponsored by employers who object to such coverage for moral and religious reasons."
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Anonymous Father's Day

Faith and Family Live reports on the children of sperm donors:

A new documentary calls the practice of sperm donation into question by revealing what the children of that procedure think about it.

You can watch the trailer at the website, or, for the next 60 days, “prescreen” it online for $4.

There are all kinds of concerns, both practical and spiritual.

Donor children often feel the same curiosity or longing to know their origins that some adopted children feel. With the difference that the quest for their biological dad often ends up with a number, not a name.
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Can the Bishops Win?

Crisis Magazine reports:

This past September, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, President of the USCCB, sent President Obama a letter that was long overdue. “I write with a growing sense of urgency about recent actions taken by your Administration that both escalate the threat to marriage and imperil the religious freedom of those who promote and defend marriage,” the archbishop wrote. “The Justice Department’s [attack on the Defense of Marriage Act], in addition to other troubling federal decisions occurring recently, prompts me yet again to register my grave concerns.”
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Fallon Sandbags Michelle Bachmann


Submitted for your disapproval, in case you haven’t already seen the clip elsewhere. Compare and contrast with the Fishbone original. The dumbest part of this, of course, is the drummer tweeting about it to make sure everyone got “the joke,” which defeats the purpose of disguising the insult. If you know the media’s going to be buzzing about it tomorrow, why not just call Bachmann a “lyin’ ass bitch” to her face? At least that way she’d get to defend herself and the show wouldn’t look like it’s stabbing her in the back.
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SEIU Loots Parents of Disabled Children

Medicaid recipients forced to join union:

How does the thuggish SIEU acquire so much money that it can spend over $60 million helping to install a close friend in the White House? The same way other major Democrat donors like trial lawyers do — through unmitigated greed. Here we learn that under a forced unionization law, a Michigan couple is classified as “healthcare workers” because they care for their kids with cerebral palsy at home rather than locking them up in an institution. That way the SEIU can coercively extract union dues from their Medicaid checks.
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New Book: What's Wrong with Notre Dame?

ND Law Professor Charles Rice wrote has a book coming out of his essays and there's a great teaser out about false advertising and Notre Dame:

A new book called “Right or Wrong” by Professor Charles Rice of the University of Notre Dame Law School diagnoses the decline of the University of Notre Dame, according to the Wanderer Forum Foundation.

The book which will be published by St. Augustine’s Press is a compilation of Rice’s essays which have appeared in the student newspaper over the last 40 years.
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Ayn Rand DVD Recall for Hilarious Reason

Ha! Frank Weathers has the reason:

This might be an Onion story but…this just in: 100,000 Atlas Shrugged DVD’s Recalled for Perfectly Hilarious Reason
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Easy Solution to Unauthorized Parish Vigils

Catholic Culture has it:

In the Archdiocese of Boston, plans to close and sell parish churches have been stymied by disgruntled parishioners who have been holding vigil at several churches. This week one such vigil came to an end.
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Time: Obama's Got a Catholic Problem

Duh. But they say it's not the Obamessiah's fault. Even he can't get good help nowadays. Catholic Culture has the story.

Time columnist Amy Sullivan concedes that the Obama administration has a problem with Catholic voters, but argues that it was bad staff work--not a decision from the White House--that caused the difficulty.
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Pelosi Against Catholics' "Conscience Thing"

Weasel Zippers reports:

Pelosi on Catholic’s Being Anti-Abortion: “They Have This Conscience Thing”…

And she called Cain “clueless?”
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Bishop D'Arch: Where Were You the Day Obama Came?

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Speaking at the 12th annual conference of the Center for Ethics and Culture (CEC) that took place recently on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, according to LifeSitenews.com, Bishop emeritus John D’Arcy of Fort Wayne-South Bend referred to the long lasting impact and gravity of Notre Dame’s honoring of President Barack Obama.
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L.A. Abortion Clinic Closes

California Catholic Daily:

The telephone message for the infamous Eve Surgical Center in Los Angeles says that the business is now closed.

Eve Surgical Center at 10150 National Boulevard has been open for killing unborn babies since the 1980s. It was first run by Dr. James McMahon, who had no specialty training and boasted that he “developed” the Partial Birth Abortion method.
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Catholic College Consecrated to Sacred Heart

This is some wonderful news that gives me hope for the future of Catholic colleges:

This Sunday on the Feast of Christ the King, the College of Saint Mary Magdalen will be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

School President George Harne told the Cardinal Newman Society that the reasons were both personal and public. “It provides a way for whole community to really focus on the love of Christ and his teachings,” he said. “A devotion to the Sacred Heart helps students carry that love out into the world.”
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Pope Approve US-Anglican Ordinariate

CNA reports:

Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl announced today that an Anglican ordinariate in the United States will be canonically erected on Jan. 1, 2012, the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God.

“I remain convinced this ordinariate will be a true expression of the Catholic Church,” said Cardinal Wuerl, who made the announcement Nov. 15 at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ fall general assembly in Baltimore.
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Gingrich Tied with Obama?


New Poll Finds Gingrich Tied With Obama, Up 6 Points Among Independents…

I didn’t see this one coming, then again, my political instincts are about as sharp as a butter knife.
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Is Gov't More Corrupt Than We Thought?

Wow. This story from Pundette is sickening:

Is it possible our government is more corrupt than we thought?

Why yes, it is. Peter Schweizer has written a book exposing Congress's nifty system of "honest [sic] graft" and 60 Minutes (yes, that 60 Minutes) has teamed up with him to investigate it. Business Insider reports:

Members of Congress can legally make trades on non-public information they obtain during their official duties, CBS News' '60 Minutes' reported on Sunday night.
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Study: 3% Of Catholics Left Church

Marcel writes:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011Study - 3% of Catholics Left Church Because of Scandals

Which congregations are getting the 3% of Catholics who have left?
Baptists, in large part.

Below is an interesting report from Notre Dame economist Daniel Hungerman (full report here - pdf) on signs that the Catholic Church has lost 3% of her members due to scandals, in addition to billions of dollars.
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Catholic College Hosts Medium to Contact Dead

Ack. Campus Notes reports:

A medium who claims contact with the dead told the Cardinal Newman Society she was invited to Saint Bonaventure University recently where she said she contacted the dead for over two dozen students.

A concerned alumnus of Saint Bonaventure forwarded this ad that appeared on St. Bonaventure University’s web bulletin:
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File This Under "Thank God I'm Catholic."

So this is what a Lutheran ordination looks like in San Francisco. Bad Vestments has the...um...magical pic.

View the pic at Bad Vestments.

The Pro-Life Defeat That Wasn't

Kathryn Lopez writes on the personhood amendment in Mississippi:

The morning after this month’s relatively quiet Election Day, I read story after story about a major pro-life defeat. “Mississippi Wins for Women!” The Daily Beast exclaimed. “Birth Control Remains Legal: Mississippi Voters Reject Draconian ‘Personhood’ Initiative,” declared the National Organization for Women. “Our victory in Mississippi has already sent a strong message to extremists who will stop at nothing to outlaw abortion. If we stand together, we can stop the escalating assault on reproductive rights,” the American Civil Liberties Union proclaimed.
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Bishops Issue Warning on Religious Freedom

The Cardinal Newman Society has the story and the document:

The bishops of Maryland issued a 16 page report warning that the American people’s religious liberties are “being silently and subtly eroded.”

The right to religious liberty has come under attack from recent actions by both federal and state governments as well as the courts and the bishops are calling upon the “vigilance of concerned citizens” to “stand up for this right” and “safeguard religious liberty for generations to come.”
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Catholic College Cancels Anti-Catholic Pro-Abort

Good news from a Catholic college.

Just a week after the Cardinal Newman Society highlighted Sienna College’s plans to host a radical anti-Catholic, pro-abortion rights speaker from Amnesty International, the college released a statement to CNS announcing the cancellation of the lecture.

Siena had planned to host Widney Brown, Senior Director, International Law and Policy, Amnesty International to speak about “The Prognosis for Human Rights in a Politically Changed World.”
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Fishwrap vs. Abp. Nienstedt

Fr. Z reports:

Your Excellencies,

That bastion of support for your ecclesiastical authority, the National catholic Fishwrap, is lobbying against the election of Archbishop John Nienstedt (St. Paul and Minneapolis) as Chairman of the USCCB’s Doctrine Committee.
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Because Tolkien and Lewis Took a Walk...

Frank Weathers writes:

I had someone leave a comment on a post who lamented questioningly,

“After all, do Christians proselytize to others as they wish others would proselytize to them? The very notion is ridiculous.”

Below is a great video clip, courtesy of Kevin O’Brien’s Theater of the Word, Incorporated, that puts that statement to the test. Because we are called to spread the Good News in ways that appeal to all people.
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Press: Cain Same as Sandusky?

This is lunacy:

One word: Wow.
I wonder what Rush Limbaugh and Herman Cain’s detra — uh, supporters say about what’s happening at Penn State?

Hmmm. Are they blaming that on the media? Is the media wrong by pointing out that Sandusky guy apparently was molesting all these young boys, including a ten year old in the shower, and Joe Paterno doesn’t call the cops?
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Sherry's Half a Duggar

Sherry only has ten kids. What a slacker.

You knew I was going to have to talk about this sometime didn't you?

As a mom of ten, I've heard the quips, the canards, the snipes, the snips, the ungenerous critiques and legitimate concerns about the Duggar family from the time they started making the news circuit with their 16th child with a name starting with the letter "J" long before they became part of the TLC lineup. I've been asked, "Trying to out do the Duggars? Trying to be like the Duggars? Ever watch them?"
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Are There Any Real Men Left?

Adrienne nails it. This is exactly what I was thinking today about the Penn State debacle:

Where have the real men in this country gone?...are there any left? Any??

All this brouhaha over Joe Paterno is obscuring the real problem. According to the Grand Jury report about the abuse of young boys by Jerry Sandusky, he was caught in the act at least twice by grown men. These men backed out of the room and did nothing to save the boy being raped. What kind of world do we live in that a man would turn his back on a criminal act being perpetrated on anyone - let alone a child?
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Catholic College Invites Anti-Catholic, Pro-Abort to Speak

Sad. Just sad. Campus Notes has the story:

Siena College, a Franciscan Catholic college in upstate New York, is hosting a speaker from Amnesty International next week who has advocated for worldwide abortion rights and accused the Catholic Church of having “blood on their hands” for its stance on contraception and abortion.
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Why Not Commence with Wisdom?

Ask young people to pay attention to dead people:

I’ve been thinking about these words from Steve Jobs’s Stanford commencement speech:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

There is beauty in that, but I wonder if there will ever be a commencement address that might say something like this:
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Pro-Life Aristotle

Kathryn Lopez conducts this excellent interview:

A professor of philosophy at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Christopher Kaczor is the author of the new book The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice. He talks to National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about life, death, justice, and the Star Trek transporter.
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Chaput: In Defense of Human Dignity

Archbishop Chaput writes this great piece about human dignity:

Most of my sources in this essay are not Catholic. That shouldn’t be surprising. Catholics have no monopoly on respect for human dignity. Catholics do have a very long tradition of thinking about the nature of the human person and society, but I’d like to begin by setting the proper framework for our discussion.
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Gov. Walker Calls it a "Christmas Tree."

Atheists outraged:

Yet another reason to respect and admire Gov. Scott Walker, who manages to remain perfectly comfortable with himself, his convictions and his decisions in the face of unpopularity. His latest little stand might have flown under the radar, had not the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation expressed an objection:
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Fordham Prof: Tiller was "Compassionate"

And says working at a Catholic college is "consistent" with working for pro-abortion rights group. Sickening. Truly sickening. Campus Notes reports:

A professor at a Catholic college, who also sits on the board of a pro-abortion rights organization, described late term abortionist George Tiller as “compassionate” and said she believed working at a Catholic institution as well as a pro-abortion rights organization is “consistent.”

Fordham University Sociology Professor Jeanne Flavin, who moonlights as President of the Board of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, an organization committed to “advancing reproductive and human rights for all women and families” wrote a piece in which she defended late term abortionist George Tiller as “compassionate.”
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How To Stop Your Child from Being Religious

Excellent post:

Rod Dreher has some useful advice for how to make sure your child does not grow up to be religious:

Make sure they never learn that many brilliant men and women throughout history and even today — scientists, philosophers, artists and others — were and are religious believers. Children must accept that religion is only something for dupes and fools, and that no intelligent person could ever believe in God.
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Majority of Dems Don't Go To Church

Gallup reports:

Otherwise known as the least shocking poll of all-time.

(CNSNews.com) — A majority of Democrats — 52 percent — say they seldom or never go to church, according to Gallup data published Monday.

That result is based on Gallup’s daily tracking polls conducted between June 1 and Aug. 31 of this year.
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Abortion Coupon $50 Off...On Sundays


Before reading what an Orlando, FL abortion clinic advertises, please take 20 seconds to watch this:
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Fr. Jenkins Defends Obama Invite

Campus Notes reports:

Two years ago, Fr. John Jenkins of the University of Notre Dame shocked Catholics all over the country with his decision to honor President Barack Obama at Commencement ceremonies.

Thousands of Catholics protested the invitation and several bishops and Cardinals even spoke out against it but Fr. Jenkins insisted that dialogue would be “fruitful.”

Now, after the open assault on religious freedom undertaken by the administration, one alumni watchdog group is wondering why Fr. Jenkins is still defending his invitation to Obama.
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OWS Desecrating the Flag

Zip has several incidents. So tell me again how the tea Party and the Occupiers are similar?

Denver Occupiers Dance on American Flag Splattered With Red Paint…

Where’s a Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kick when you need one?
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Things Catholics Shouldn't Say

LarryD writes:

There are certain phrases and slogans that should never pass a Catholic's lips. I'm not merely thinking of "I'm personally opposed, but..." or "Keep the Pope out of my bedroom" here (as if PBXVI wants to go into people's bedrooms! sheesh!) - those are pretty obvious. Such utterances belie the fact that such folks are more interested in maintaining their place in certain social circles or good graces with family members than living authentically as Catholics. You know - hang on to the good things about the faith without having to sacrifice anything. At which point, they ain't got any faith at all.
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Cookie Monster and Bert Questioned by Police

You can't make this stuff up:

A McBrawl at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s drive-thru caught on tape.

Local CBS affiliate KDKA reports the shocking details:

“There people in various Halloween costumes – some to mention Cookie Monster, I believe Bert and Ernie and some others,” West View Police Chief Bruce Fromlak said.
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Gay Sex for the Gleeks!

Pundette takes on many issues including high schoolers having sex on Glee, "sperm catching" -whatever that is, and our cultural flatline.

A few tales of cultural decline. Enjoy!

Liz Jones instructs on the fine feminist art of sperm-snatching. In the post-sexual-revolution era, the fundamental things definitely do not apply. We've gone from love-marriage-family to mere copulation with no implication of commitment or fruitfulness. It's all about utility. In Jones's world, aging, barren women seek to use unwilling men to conceive a child they will then use to fill the void in their empty lives. It reminds me of those hags in the fairy tales who are always trying to get their clutches on someone else's babies. It's not pretty:
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What I'm Not Going to Tell You

Must read of the day from Elizabeth Foss:

I heard a story the other day from a mother about my age. She's a faithful, hardworking, dedicated homeschooling mother with a loving, faithful spouse. They've done everything they can to raise their children in the light of Christ. She lives her faith authentically and though she's the first to admit that she fails daily, she has absolutely worked hard to have a Christian plan and to live moment by moment faithful to that plan.

And today, she wants to curl up in a ball and die.
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Obama Opposes D-Day Prayer on Memorial

Of course he does.


(Fox News) — Republican lawmakers and conservative activists are expressing outrage after the Obama administration announced its objection to adding President Franklin Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.
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Transhumanism's Roots in Eugenics

Rebecca's blog is becoming a must read for Catholics:

Logo of the Second International Congress of Eugenics that states, "Eugenics is the self direction of human evolution."

I have been talking about transhumanism a lot lately because I believe it is the greatest threat to humanity that no one knows about. Transhumansim is a philosophy that wants to use technology to surpass treating or preventing disease and use it to enhance otherwise healthy humans beyond natural capabilities. They envision a world where you can leave your pathetic, ignorant, weak existence behind and enhance your way to being super-smart, super-strong, super-happy, basically super-human. Transhumanists want to take man's evolution into their own hands creating a race of "post-humans."
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Air Force Academy Cancels Toy Drive as Too Christian

This is looney tunes:

The U.S. Air Force Academy has pulled out of a Christian-sponsored children’s toy drive after commanders were accused of religious intolerance.

Mikey Weinstein, an academy graduate who runs the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said the academy’s participation in Operation Christmas Child is inappropriate because of its evangelical Christian roots.
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Civil Rights Laws Used Against Christianity

Sad but true.

In a public letter last month to President Barack Obama, Archbishop Dolan said the administration’s actions “imperil” religious freedom and may “precipitate a national conflict between Church and State of enormous proportions and to the detriment of both institutions.”

Referencing the human rights complaint lodged by a George Washington Professsor on behalf of Muslim students at Catholic University, noted author Patrick Buchanan calls it a symptom of a “Church-state war” because religious institutions are under attack in this country.
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Cheating Death and Loving God

Tony Rossi writes:

At the age of 14, Rosario Rodriguez was attacked by a man while she walked to the bus stop one morning. He dragged her into a wooded area and tried to rape her.

Though he covered her mouth, Rosario managed to scream the Hail Mary at the top of her lungs. All of a sudden, her attacker looked above her head. During an interview with me on Christopher Closeup, Rosario—now in her early 30's—recalled, "His eyes got really big. He looked afraid, jumped up and ran away. My first reaction was to turn around to see what he saw, but I saw nothing . . . . We've always had guesses [that he saw] St. Michael or my guardian angel or our Lady because I was screaming the Hail Mary. But I believe he saw something divine."
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Behar: Clarence Thomas is "Demonic"

Check out the vid:

Brain Dead Liberal Joy Behar: “Clarence Thomas Is Demonic”…

If Behar had another brain, it would be lonely.
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USA Today's Anti-Catholic Headline


USA Today writes: “Catholic Students Struggle with ‘Outdated and Inflexible’ Traditions”

In what has to be one of most outrageous anti-Catholic headlines in weeks, USA Today ran a piece entitled “Catholic Students Struggle with ‘Outdated’ and ‘Inflexible” Traditions.”
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Bishop To Move onto College Campus

As a way to increase vocations on campus. Campus Notes reports:

In what can only be deemed very exciting news, the University of Mary President Father James Shea told the Cardinal Newman Society today that Most Reverend Paul A. Zipfel, the newly retired Bishop of Bismarck, will make the University of Mary his home starting next month as a way of promoting vocations on campus.

The Catholic school in North Dakota recently purchased the on campus priory from the Benedictine Sisters of the Annunciation and the growing school knew that it would necessarily go towards increasing the amount of student housing.
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John C. Wright on Sex and Political Correctness

Amazing stuff from John C. Wright

The correlation between these two may not at first be apparent, but indulge me. The first is straight editorial comment:

I never fail to be amused by how sex transforms liberals from hard-headed sociobiologists into velvet-minded romantics. From a strictly biological perspective, the ultimate purpose of sex is procreation alone, and the pleasure we derive from it is simply nature’s little stick and carrot. Why, then, this irrational and adamant defense of non-procreation and anti-natalism from people who otherwise jump at any opportunity to smugly wax prosaic about man being just another animal or the Darwinian origins of everything from organized religion to the nuclear family?
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Cain: It's Perry What Done Me In

Cain blames Perry for disclosing the harassment charges. But that doesn't mean he didn't do it, does it? Ace explains it as only he can:

AllahPundit tipped this vague "positive development" from Camp Cain.

Erick Erickson hears it will be a "full-court press" on blaming Perry for the disclosures.

Um, personally? I don't care. If this lurking out there, it needs to be out there before the general election.

I expect the press conference will look something like this:
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The Goddess Rosary

Would you like some paganism with your Christianity? Bad Vestments has the pic and the story:

To connoisseurs of ecclesiastical goofballism like me, one name stands head and shoulders above the rest and believe it or not, that name is not connected with the Episcopal Church. It is a San Francisco Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation officially called Ebenezer although, as you can see by the link, it has begun to refer to itself as herchurch.

Why does herchurch exist?
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"Choose Life" Controversy at Catholic College

I can't believe this is controversial but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

A “Choose Life” banner hanging from the entrance gate at Seton Hall University is causing some controversy on the Catholic campus.

The banner which was put up midway through October in honor of Respect for Life month shows a picture of a mother kissing a newborn baby with the words “Choose Life” followed by the phone number 1-800-848-Life for a pro-life help hot line. Father Stanley Gomes, director of Campus Ministry, told the Cardinal Newman Society he intends to keep the banner up for two more weeks.
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Algeria: 5 Christians Arrested at Mass

The religion of peace marches on:

Five men were arrested by Algerian police for proselytism during a mass in a village in the wilaya of El Tarf, according to the website of the Liberté newspaper. The men were arrested in line with measures issued by the general state prosecutor at the court of El Tarf.

The incident occurred on Sunday in the village of Myriama, close to the Tunisian border. In Algeria, worship, Muslim or otherwise, is regulated by a law of February 2006, which stipulates that both the site in which worship is celebrated and the cleric presiding over the ceremony must be authorised.
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Offended Atheists Strike Again

David French of The Corner writes:

The decades-long battle over religious symbols rages on. Earlier this year, American Atheists sued to block placement of the famous Ground Zero Cross in the 9/11 Memorial Museum (that case is ongoing). Yesterday, over Justice Thomas’s sharp dissent, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from a case rejecting the use of crosses as roadside memorials to fallen Utah state troopers. And a controversy is currently building over the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s efforts to have the U.S. Forest Service remove an almost 60-year-old Jesus statue from public land in Montana.
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