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Univision Blackmailing Rubio

Commentary Magazine reports:

This sordid story about Spanish-language news outlet Univision allegedly blackmailing Sen. Marco Rubio is a few days old, but it’s getting renewed attention now that Mitt Romney​, Rick Perry​ and Jon Hunstman announced they’re boycotting Univision’s GOP debate as a protest.

Here’s a quick recap: Over the summer, Univision reportedly contacted Rubio and tried to persuade him to appear on Al Punto​, a show hosted by illegal immigration advocate Jorge Ramos. Ramos is a vocal supporter of the DREAM Act; Rubio is a vocal opponent. To make the TV appearance more attractive to Rubio, Univision allegedly sent its investigative team to dig up dirt on the senator’s brother-in-law’s decades-old drug arrest. The station’s executives reportedly suggested if Rubio appeared on the show, the news report on his brother-in-law would disappear.
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