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This Should Scare You About Romney

Our fave guv teamed up with population control advocate John Holdren:

Conservatives know well that Mitt Romney has so far refused to back away from his contention that anthropogenic global warming is real, and yet the former Massachusetts governor continues to lead the Republican race for the presidential nomination. In seven debates, none of Romney’s competitors have challenged him on this position. This week, however, the blog Moonbattery found a very interesting memo from Romney’s office in 2005 announcing tough new regulations on emissions — and noting a partnership with a familiar conservative bĂȘte noire in this administration
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Susan L said...

I was really hoping for Chris Christie but then he threw his support over to Romney. Why?? There's got to be a political reason for it. I suspect he thinks that Romney will win and have him as his VP. I am really disappointed. I don't want Romney. Cain is looking good, Perry is a bit tarnished for me but still a better alternative.

Wow. This is not a good sign. It's like McCain all over again...only worse. :(

Anonymous said...

Cain was a Federal Reserve chairman, the cause of the economic mess this country is in. He is a stooge for the elites, the bankers running this country and debasing the currency through the Federal Reserve a private banking monopoly GIVEN the right to control and manipulate our money 100 years ago in secret by Congress (read "The Creature from Jekyll Island"). They are printing money to bail out banks (even foreign banks!) and fund wars. That makes the dollar worth less, wiping out savings and saddling our kids with massive debt. Emails and calls to Congress and the Pres. were 100:1 against these bailouts but they did them anyway and some in secret. Ron Pauls audit of the Fed is bringing it to light. We were never taught any of this in the brainwashing, dumbing down kidjails, but there's no reason not to learn it now.

Susan L said...

Herman Cain was a Federal Reserve Chairman of the Board of Kansas City. Kansas City! Hardly the cause of our country's economic mess. To say that he is a stooge for the elites and responsible for so much of our money woes is really stretching it.

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