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Sybil - "An Utter Fraud."

So much for split personalities. Kyle Smith reports:

“Sybil,” the shocking true story of a woman shattered into 16 distinct personalities that helped her to dig up repressed memories of monstrous childhood sexual abuse, sold nearly 7 million copies when it was published in 1973. A serialized version ran in newspapers around the nation as readers gasped at “scenes of Sybil’s demented mother defecating on lawns, conducting lesbian orgies and raping her daughter with kitchen utensils. This kind of sex and perversion had never before been published on the ‘women’s’ pages,” writes author Debbie Nathan in a new book. “Sybil” was adapted into an Emmy-winning 1976 TV miniseries starring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward that was viewed by one-fifth of the American public.
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And it was an utter fraud.
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Mary De Voe said...

"Repressed memory' of sexual abuse, especially of priestly and or parental sexual abuse is "an utter fraud" My sister was convinced by her counselor that she had been abused by our father. The abuse occurred, I was three years old but I saw and remember what happened. The sexual abuser was the guy down the street. He is probably still alive today.

Mary De Voe said...

My sister had a nervous breakdown.
After viewing the movie Sybil, I wondered why the psychiatrist played by Joanne Woodward took payment from the client when such grievance ought to be assisted by any and all means. The client needed an exorcist. Exorcists are charity.

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