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Robert Downey: Forgive Mel Gibson

This is pretty moving stuff.

This past Friday, in the spirit of Christ’s forgiveness of the adulteress when she was presented to him by the holier than thou, a remarkably similar story has come to my attention from an area that I usually steer clear of: the shoals of Hollywood. And yet this is where a stunningly familiar event took place.
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Anonymous said...

As if Gibson needs forgiveness from the morally bankrupt Hollywood elites. They embrace convicted rapist Mike Tyson, child rapist Polanski, the extremely icky Woody Allen and Morgan Freeman but throw stones at Mel Gibson for getting drunk and being politically incorrect and hateful with an estranged girlfriend. Mels sins are that he made "The Passion of the Christ" and refused to allow the ADL to edit it/approve it and his drunken rants on Zionists in a Zionist controlled industry. The transparent persecution by the elites supported by toadying actors and the like is hypocritical. I don't think Mel will ever get over Rob Schneiders announcement that he will never work with him (eye roll). Mel should just continue to make his great movies and his fans will go see them, just as they did "The Passion".

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