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Is Romney Inevitable?

The WaPo thinks so but Pundette says no:

The Washington Post wants you to know that Mitt Romney is the "inevitable" Republican nominee for president. It may only be October of 2011, months before a single primary vote will be cast, but it's all over.
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Anonymous said...

Soooooo...Pundette doesn't like Romney (rightfully so) and plugs the "surging" ex Fed Chairman (and Establishment bankster puppet Cain) and Gardisil Rick while participating in the blackout of Ron Paul: winner of the Calif. straw poll, nearly tied the Iowa straw poll, winner of the Vaues Voter straw poll, shaper of the debate on the enslaving Fed banking monopoly, predictor of the housing bubble, and the effect of bailing out failing businesses at the expense of viable ones AND the inevitable poverty of the masses resulting from fiat currencies controlled by elite self appointed rulers. Never mind Paul has more cpontributions from more individuals rather than corporations, never mind that he has more contributions from active military than all the rest combined. Never mind that he refuses the lucrative Congressional pension and returns part of his office budget every year. Never mind that this Godly man has been teaching us the same thing for 30 years and been PROVEN correct. Keep watching The Great and Powerful Oz. Pundette KNOWS who is electable. And certainly not a man who has been elected 12 times. Just keep telling the dumbed down, "expert" believing masses that he is not "really" "electable". What a farce!

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