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He's 36, She's 33. Too Young To Be Parents

Stacy McCain nails it. Wow.

He’s 36, She’s 33

“Most women who think they can wait until their mid thirties or later and have a baby without medical intervention really can’t. . . . If you’re a healthy woman, most likely your fertility will peak in your mid-twenties and start to decline at about age 27.”
– American Fertility Association, “Infertility Prevention Handbook”

This post has nothing to do with politics, and instead has to do with smart people out-smarting themselves. Rachel Birnbaum has written an article about her unwillingness to become a mother . . . right now:
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Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get to the story. Link seems not to be working.
Thank you!

Mary De Voe said...

19 years for the male, 23 years for the female is the age men and women are most physically able to produce healthy children, or so I have been told for so many years by the "intelligentia"
And who makes up these word verifications?
doatypoo to you too.

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