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"Crucifixion" Artist Wins 1st Prize

Cool. I figured any artistic depiction of Jesus would be shunned.

ArtPrize 2011's $250,000 grand prize goes to an artist who came within a whisker of winning it last year.

UPDATE: ArtPrize 2011 winner Mia Tavonatti's gets bittersweet victory hours after mother's death (photos, video)

Mia Tavonatti, who took second place in ArtPrize 2010, won the popular vote for her stained-glass mosaic “Crucifixion,” announced this evening in DeVos Performance Hall.
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would be shunned elsewhere, but not in this mid-American city, which boasts that there is a church on (nearly) every corner!

I saw this artist's piece last year and it was breathtaking. I'm not surprised she won, even with a religious subject, because it is an incredibly beautiful work of art. And beauty conquers all. :)

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