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CCHD Cuts off Condom Distributor

Catholic Culture reports:

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the anti-poverty program sponsored by the US bishops’ conference, will no longer support a New York group after pro-life activists demonstrated that the group was distributing condoms.

The CCHD—which has faced steady criticism for years because of grants to agencies that have opposed Church teachings on sexuality—announced that the New York AIDS Housing Network is not eligible for funding under current criteria. The Reform CCHD Now Coalition had presented evidence that the group, which has received CCHD funds in past years, is involved in condom-giveaway programs.
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Clinton said...

Every year some Catholic watchdog organization
busts the CCHD funneling money to organizations
that undermine Catholic teaching.

Each year I get appeal letters from the CCHD, and
each year it misrepresents what it does. The CCHD
does not in fact give our hard-earned donations to
charities that actually help people. Instead, it
funnels the money to 'community organizers' like
the NY AIDS housing Network.

This is absurd. Our bishops and the bureaucrats
at the US bishop's conference are abusing the
goodwill of Catholics. They are taking our money
under false pretenses, and funneling those monies
to groups that undermine Catholic teaching on
subjects such as abortion, same-sex unions, and
contraception. This is exposed in stories like
this one on CMR every year, and nothing is done
about it by the USCCB. Our bishops do. not. care.

This situation is not breaking news. It's been an
ongoing scandal for years, with fresh outrages
unearthed each year. Pro-abortion groups have
received CCHD funding. Our. bishops. do. not.

It is appalling that a group like the Reform CCHD
Now Coalition has to exist to call out the corruption
of our bishops and their bureaucrats. Thank God
for the whistleblowers at Reform CCDH Now!

I support my parish. I donate to Catholic charities
and organizations I know and trust. However, all
of the appeal letters I receive from the CCHD, from
my own bishop, and from the USCCB-- those go
into the trash. Not one dime until the Judases at
our bishop's conference clean this up.

Mary De Voe said...

Not one penny until the bishops use the money to serve God.

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