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Bishop Finn Indicted

New Advent headline:

Kansas City shocker: Bishop Finn indicted on child endangerment charge, may face prison time if convicted...
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Mary De Voe said...

It is important to know that the very same course of action was used to legalize pornography in the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Pornography, the lie about human sexuality, and perjury in a court of law, was given freedom because it was, as pornography, a part of our decadent and irresponsible culture, because it is a crime in our culture, but the pornographers promised the court that they would use pornography only as a teaching element in our society, for adults only, to know, to educate adults to the evil available to them as human beings. This is the function of the priest in his ministry to free persons addicted to the smut, that is, to educate themselves to the perversion that is pornography, and to drive the demons from the individual’s soul. If, for this purpose, the priest was viewing pornography, the priest was serving the common good and establishing Justice in the world. The court must prove beyond a reasonable doubt otherwise.
Possession of pornography proves nothing. Possession of drugs by police enforcement agents is drugs in custody of responsible human beings.

Mary De Voe said...

Double jeopardy is two punishments for one crime and sin. Double jeopardy is
unconstitutional. In the case of Bishop Finn of Kansas City, who is being indicted for allegedly knowing about one of his priests using pornographic images of children, double jeopardy is being inflicted on Bishop Finn. If the priest was indeed indulging in child pornography, not simply for exploring the crime; investigating the crime and the sin of the crime to be able to absolve sinners and counsel sinners with the problem of addiction to child pornography, but again, vicariously indulging in the despicable behavior of a child sex abuser through pornographic pictures, which has not been proven, or is there evidence to make such charges in just cause, as the priest’s bishop, Bishop Finn has already endured and suffered the misconduct and crimes of his priest in his heart and in his body as all bishops do for their priests. It is the carrying of the cross on the shoulders of the bishops, brothers of Christ. It is the bishops’ responsibility as brothers of Christ to suffer the sins of all men, but especially the sins and crimes of their priests, in which case, Bishop Finn has already spiritually suffered punishment for the crimes allegedly committed by his priest. Suffering is the condition for being a bishop, priest and friend. If this be the case of the sovereign Catholic Church, and it is, to indict Bishop Finn for the single picture he was informed of, that was deemed “legally NOT pornographic”, Bishop Finn has already assumed the punishment for his priest as required by the Catholic Church and cannot be punished a second time by the state.
The principle of separation of church and state is based on the law of double jeopardy in the matter of crime, and double taxation without representation, one vote for one taxpayer and other parallel rights endowed by our Creator and enjoyed by the Catholic Church and the state.
In the principle of sovereignty, personal, communal and national, if a person violates the sovereignty of another person, he forfeits his own sovereignty.
Is America forfeiting her own sovereignty by violating the sovereignty of the Catholic Church, by imposing its physical tenets and rules upon a metaphysical institution?

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