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Loyola Holds Drag Show

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

The Loyola University of Chicago hosted its “Advocate Annual Drag Show” on Wednesday October 26.

The school’s “Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs” website touted the event by posting an invitation on the website: “Advocate at Loyola University Chicago is proud to invite you to its annual Drag Show.”
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Motherhood at a Price

Fr. John Flynn writes a great piece.

Even as in vitro fertilization treatments are being sought by growing numbers of women, more and more evidence is surfacing to confirm the downsides of its use.

Canadian doctor John Barrett described what he termed an "epidemic of multiple births, largely as a result of IVF," the National Post newspaper reported Sept. 22.

"What the IVF industry is doing is creating a population of sick babies ... that is impacting all society," he said.
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Pewsitter Has too Many Great Stories to Link

I can't decide on just one.
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Muslim Kills Christian for Wearing Cross


The merciless persecution of Christians in Islamic lands continues.

(AINA) — In mid-October Egyptian media published news of an altercation between Muslim and Christian students over a classroom seat at a school in Mallawi, Minya province. The altercation lead to the murder of a Christian student. The media portrayed the incident as non-sectarian. However, Copts Without Borders, a Coptic news website, refuted this version and was first to report that the Christian student was murdered because he was wearing a crucifix.
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Cardinal Dedicates New Seminary

The Archdiocese of Washington reports:

Cardinal Wuerl Dedicates Blessed John Paul II Seminary

“…bless this house and all who study here so that the vision, the dream and the legacy of Blessed John Paul II will long continue at the service of God’s holy Church.”

October 22, 2011

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, formally established a new seminary for the archdiocese at a Mass on October 22, the feast day of Blessed John Paul II who was beatified in Rome this past May. “This new seminary is a manifestation of the New Evangelization,” said Cardinal Wuerl. “We see Blessed John Paul II’s legacy continued in the formation of new priests in this archdiocese.”
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What the Fox?!

Kathleen Gilbert writes:

You wouldn’t know FOX was supposed to be a conservative news service from their awful headline on Wednesday: “Push to Declare a Human Egg a ‘Person’ Offers New Tack on Abortion Debate.”

Apparently enough people were outraged at this appalling misnomer that FOX budged, but only slightly. The updated story now calls newly-conceived human life a “fertilized egg.”

As a relatively mature zygote myself, I object to calling my neighbors, much tinier and more dependent at the moment than FOX News headline writers, such a dehumanizing slur.
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No Media Bias Here


Study: Big Three TV Networks Have Devoted More Than Double The Coverage To Occupy Wall Street Than The Tea Party, 87% Has Been Positive…
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Robert Davi Sings Sinatra

I'm interested in this new cd. Robert Davi grew up in our parish and my Dad was his football coach. And he's a conservative so I'm really surprised that critics didn't savage him. Big Hollywood has more:

The press loves to smack down actors who break into song.

Don Johnson, Eddie Murphy, and William Shatner are just a few big name stars stung by reporters for daring to add the word “singer” to their résumés. But music critics are lining up to sing the praises of actor Robert Davi’s new disc, ‘Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance.’
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Feminists Confused on Halloween

Pundette writes:

It seemed like such a good idea, moms using Halloween and their kids to push back against those pesky traditional female roles. Janice D'Arcy of the Washington Post laments the "most sexist day on the American calendar":
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Discovered: Body of Christ in 30 Hymnals


Having attended Mass at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton these past two weeks, you may have heard Fr. Cole or me address a situation that we have been made aware of over the past several weeks. Heartbroken and with tears in their eyes, we have been approached by parishioners with open hymnals. What has caused the tears has been their discovery of the Body of Christ, partially consumed, stuck between the pages of a hymnal.
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Bishops Confirm Condemnation of Fordham Prof's Book

Campus Notes reports:

The USCCB’s Committee on Doctrine today publicly reaffirmed their condemnation of the book “Quest For The Living God” By St. Joseph Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, saying “the book is seriously inadequate as a presentation of the Catholic understanding of God.”

Earlier this year, the U.S. bishops’ doctrine committee released a statement condemning the 2007 book by Fordham University theologian Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, which has been used as a textbook, for “misrepresentations, ambiguities and errors” that do “not accord with authentic Catholic teaching on essential points.”
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Gosnell Employees Pleads Guilty

LifeNews.com reports:

Two staff members at the grisly abortion business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pleaded guilty today over their roles in the botched abortion deaths and the abortion-infanticides of dozens of unborn children that took place at the clinic.

Gosnell, his wife, and staff members face various charges — including eight charges for killing a patient in a botched abortion and killing unborn children in the brutal infanticides that saw him stick medical scissors into the backs of unborn children purposefully induced prematurely so he could “snip” their spinal cords and take their lives.
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He's 36, She's 33. Too Young To Be Parents

Stacy McCain nails it. Wow.

He’s 36, She’s 33

“Most women who think they can wait until their mid thirties or later and have a baby without medical intervention really can’t. . . . If you’re a healthy woman, most likely your fertility will peak in your mid-twenties and start to decline at about age 27.”
– American Fertility Association, “Infertility Prevention Handbook”

This post has nothing to do with politics, and instead has to do with smart people out-smarting themselves. Rachel Birnbaum has written an article about her unwillingness to become a mother . . . right now:
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Pope Praises Agnostics

Michael Potemra writes:

One of the greatest achievements of the late Pope John Paul II was the assembling of representatives of many religions at Assisi, to pray for peace. The gatherings — in 1986 and 2002 — offered a compelling image of Man in Search of God, people of all types divided by serious differences but engaged in a common quest, in the hope of a common destiny. The meetings were controversial: Some commentators believed that they represented an erosion of the difference between truth and falsehood (even then-Cardinal Ratzinger was troubled by some of the implications of the 1986 meeting).
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Pope Denounces Religious Terror

Jim Hoft reports:

Pope Benedict denounced religious terrorism today at the Assissi Conference, describing it as “the antithesis of religion” which “contributes to its destruction.”

Gee, who could he have been talking about?
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Bishop Lori Defends Religious Liberty

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Bishop William E. Lori, the first chairman of the bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, testified yesterday before the U.S. Congress, urging them to protect the right to religious freedom which is under threat due to several actions taken by the Obama administration.
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Stay at Home Moms a Bad Example?

You must forsake your happiness for the collective. Liz Stockwell writes:

It seems that women like me set a bad example for our daughters when we make decisions that sacrifice career pursuits for family balance. I’m still reeling over a CBC radio piece that featured a debate over why women have failed to break the glass ceiling. One of the debaters, Dutch economist Heleen Mees, argued that too many women choose motherhood over career. Women who opt for part-time careers or full-time parenting fail to fulfill a moral obligation to provide good role models for others.
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Traditional Christians Are Unfit Parents

Christians need not apply:

Perhaps you recall the case of Owen & Eunice Johns from a post last March.

They’re the couple in Britain who were banned from being foster parents for refusing to say there was nothing wrong with practicing homosexuality.

Mind you, they were not crusaders on the issue. They weren’t planning to bring it up.
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What Do Catholics Think Is Important?

This poll will likely alarm you. Southern Fried Catholicism has the sad story:

A poll that was released today by USA Today shows that Catholic identity is slipping. No big surprise there and, honestly, I sometimes wonder if we should be obsessed over the concept of "identity". Sort of a remnant of identity and race politics that were in such vogue in the 70's and sometimes show up when nothing else works to sway votes and sympathy.
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Get Me to the Church on Time

Can a big family get to Mass on time? Sherry writes:

When I first told my husband I was writing a piece on how to get to Mass on time, we both chuckled a bit. Like diets and budgets, promptness is mostly about planning and then obedience to "stick to the plan." With 12 bodies to get up and going, the littlest thing (usually shoes) can sabotage the whole operation. Still, because lateness can become an easy habit, and grow from the occasional misstep to perpetually late, to missing a key and critical part of the Mass, we've sought to improve our record and devised any number of means to address punctuality when attempting to meet our weekly obligation.
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Gonzaga Seeks LBGT Coordinator

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Gonzaga University is currently advertising on their website for a new LBGT Coordinator.The listed “Job Purpose,” on Gonzaga’s website details:

This position will coordinate programs and provide resources and support for diverse special populations of students, primarily those in the LGBT student community. The coordinator will oversee the LGBT Resource Center, develop and manage educational programming and outreach. This position reports to the Assistant Dean of Students, Student Life. The office is situated within the Unity Multicultural Education Center (UMEC).
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Expecting Triplets, A Horrifying Choice

LifeSiteNews.com reports:

It’s 10 a.m. in the Holly Springs, North Carolina home of Erin and Jennifer Conley, and it’s breakfast time for their triplets, Jillian, Rebecca and Sarah. The three nine-month-old girls sit in identical chairs as their mom spoons vegetables and cereal to each in turn. Erin and Jennifer’s 3-year-old son, Adam, sits in the living room with their Labrador Retriever, Madison, surrounded by baby toys.

As the girls have grown, their individual looks and personalities have started to emerge. Rebecca, who was the smallest of the three at birth, is now the biggest, while first-born Jillian, who was the biggest, is now smaller than the other two. Sarah is focused on breakfast, while the other two seem happily curious about the visitors who have come to hear their parents’ story.
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CCHD Cuts off Condom Distributor

Catholic Culture reports:

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the anti-poverty program sponsored by the US bishops’ conference, will no longer support a New York group after pro-life activists demonstrated that the group was distributing condoms.

The CCHD—which has faced steady criticism for years because of grants to agencies that have opposed Church teachings on sexuality—announced that the New York AIDS Housing Network is not eligible for funding under current criteria. The Reform CCHD Now Coalition had presented evidence that the group, which has received CCHD funds in past years, is involved in condom-giveaway programs.
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Greenpeace Helps Pro-Lifers?

Wait. What? Rebecca Taylor explains how Greenpeace scores a solid pro-life victory:

Greenpeace brought suit against patenting the destruction of human embryos in Europe
You may or may not have heard that recently a European Union court has ruled that the extraction of embryonic stem cells cannot be patented because it destroys a human embryo. The court ruled:

“a process which involves removal of a stem cell from a human embryo at the blastocyst stage, entailing the destruction of that embryo, cannot be patented.”

This ruling does not prevent researchers from destroying embryos for their stem cells, but does stifle some of the profit motive.
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Stem Cells and the Media

Is the media catching on to adult stem cells? Chelsea writes:

When it comes to stem cell research, adult stem cells (ASC) have been outperforming their unethical, embryonic counterparts for years now. While embryonic stem cell (ESC) research only just last year began its very first trial on humans and is still trying to overcome issues with tumor formation and other harmful, deadly side-effects in animal studies for the past 20 years, adult stem cells have been successfully used in numerous adult studies for years and for many different diseases and conditions. The reaction from the media, as well as many in the scientific community, has been to ignore or belittle the positive results of ASC research while touting the “hope” and “promise” of ESCs. But, I recently came across a few articles that are way out of the norm for both the media and the mainstream scientific community.
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MTV's OWS Reality Show


A reality show about people completely detached from reality.

(Huff Po) — Though networks typically dispatch embeds during campaign season, MTV took a different approach to the tactic when it dispatched youth into the Occupy Wall Street protests for its show “True Life.”
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Vagina Monologues "Necessary" at Gonzaga?

The Socratic Club doesn't think so. Campus Notes has more:

Earlier this year Gonzaga University, a Jesuit institution, officially hosted a performance of the Vagina Monologues after faculty, university officials, and others argued that a performance of the play not only was permissible but “necessary” for an institution with Catholic identity.

Advocates of the necessity of the play on campus even quoted Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, according to Gonzaga’s Socratic Club:
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Sebelius Kills Evidence in Abortion Case

Jill Stanek has the story:

The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic of Overland Park, KS, is currently on trial for 107 counts of falsifying abortion records and committing illegal late-term abortions, 23 of which are felonies.

The charges were brought by former Attorney General Phill Kline in October 2007 following an investigation he launched in 2003.
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Rediscovering Sacrifice

Kathryn Lopez writes about Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque,:

Scandal. Immorality. The destruction of innocence.

It could be any week, and all of these will pop up somewhere. In headlines. In the neighborhood. In your life. Yet the answer, the deterrent, the healing balm is always the same: Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
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Mysticism Without Activism is Dead

Peter Leithart writes at First Things:

Derived from the Greeks, the contrast between the contemplative and active life early on became a Christian commonplace. It was systematized by Thomas Aquinas, who regarded the distinction as both “fitting” and “adequate.” Fitting, because each human being, as a rational being, occupies himself with what is most delightful to him, whether that is the pursuit of knowledge or a life of active service. Adequate, because Jacob had two wives and no more, and Lazarus had only two sisters.
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Fr. Jenkins Named to "Non-Partisan" Commission on Presidential Debates"

Maybe they don't know what non-partisan means:

Fr. John Jenkins, who was recently called a “cheerleader” for President Obama and “Obama’s dupe” by one Catholic writer, was named to the Board of Directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which refers to itself as a non-partisan organization.

Fr. Jenkins infamously invited President Obama to Notre Dame in 2009 and honored him with a degree from the University of Notre Dame, in direct defiance of the bishops. Bishop Thomas Olmsted publicly called Fr. Jenkins’ invitation and honoring of Obama, “a public act of disobedience to the Bishops of the United States.”
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Romney Attacks Perry, Pulls Ad

Dude, first rule of politics is you don't kick someone when they're down. You ignore them. It's much worse. This is a big mistake by Romney. Pundette has the story:

New anti-Romney ad from Perry campaign: "Misleading"

Romney put up an attack ad that was so bad he pulled it before most of us got a chance to see it. Bryan Preston:
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Senate to Kill Religious Freedom Commission?

Makes sense. Those who don't want religious freedom certainly wouldn't want a commission on it:

The existence of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom--a non-partisan body that documents religious-freedom violations around the world--is at risk.

“USCIRF’s mandate was to expire at the end of last month, but it was given a short reprieve through the continuing resolution on the budget,” explains Nina Shea.
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Andrea Mitchell Racist Accusation Fail

Pathetic. So lame that even Chuck Todd called her on it. Check out the vid at Newsbusters::

Andrea Mitchell's attempt to imply Rick Perry was being racially insensitive, for calling fellow GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain "brother," during Tuesday's Republican debate, was so lame even her NBC colleague Chuck Todd wasn't buying it. Mitchell, on Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports, dredged up the N-Head controversy on Perry as she scolded: "If I were Rick Perry and had that sign or the, the stone that used to be on that, that property I'm not sure I would've gone with the 'brother' stuff, over and over again."
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County Defunds Planned Parenthood

Good news for pro-lifers, says Frank Weathers.

And “bad news” for Planned Parenthood. Tears of joy from Christ Community Health Services practice administrator Shantelle Leatherwood! The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports,

The Shelby County Commission voted 9-4 Monday in favor of giving a contract to local nonprofit group Christ Community Health Services to provide family-planning services for poor people.
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Vid: Downey Says Forgive Gibson


I posted this video to AmP Facebook and Twitter last night and it drew a strong positive response:
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Abp.: Church Captains to Protect Marriage

I volunteer for my parish. Do I get a uniform? Chicks dig uniforms.

According to news reports, Archbishop John Nienstedt, the ordinary of the diocese of Minneapolis-St.Paul (MN) sent a letter to every priest in the state urging them to put every Catholic church in Minnesota to work towards the passing of a constitutional amendment banning homosexual “marriage.”
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Catholic College Hosts Robert Gibbs

A wine and cheese soiree to follow.

Former White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs is scheduled to speak at Chicago’s Saint Xavier University Thursday, according to the school’s website.

St. Xavier University is arranging the press conference and selling tickets for a “wine and cheese” reception at $200 a ticket as part of their “Voices and Visions Speaker Series,” which they say, “is dedicated to bringing respected public figures and the highest level of discourse to the Chicago area.”

Previous speakers include many who have been in serious conflict with the Church’s teaching on abortion including Cokie Roberts, Colin Powell, Madeline Albright and Kofi Annan.
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Jesuit University Busses Students to Hear Gay Advocate Bash the Church

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Fairfield University’s student newspaper The Mirror reports that Fairfield provided transportation for students to hear openly gay sex columnist Dan Savage bash the Catholic Church in his keynote address for the “Pro-Queer Life” conference on Saturday.

The lecture contradicts assurances reportedly made by Fairfield President Fr. Jeffrey von Arx, S.J., to Bishop William Lori that the conference would “not be a vehicle for dissent.”
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Occupy Rome Destroys Virgin Mary Statue


I posted a photo of this earlier (see below). But via MatthewJLB, here’s video of it actually happening:
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Susan Sarandon Calls the Pope a "Nazi."

What can you say about this or her? Just ridiculous. More disturbing is that the audience laughed:

Classy gal.

(Hollywood Reporter) — Susan Sarandon slammed Pope Benedict XVI at The Hamptons Film Festival over the weekend.

Sarandon was interviewed by Bob Balaban at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor on Saturday. She said she sent the pope a copy of the anti death penalty book, Dead Man Walking, authored by Sister Helen Prejean. Sarandon starred in the 1995 big-screen adaptation.

“The last one,” she said, “not this Nazi one we have now.”
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Jackson Lee: Abortion "A Needed Action"

And she refers to baby's heartbeat as "sounds." CNS has the video:

During the House floor debate on the Protect Life Act last week, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D- Texas) defended abortion as a “needed action” and referred to the heartbeat of a fetus as a “sound”.
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Sybil - "An Utter Fraud."

So much for split personalities. Kyle Smith reports:

“Sybil,” the shocking true story of a woman shattered into 16 distinct personalities that helped her to dig up repressed memories of monstrous childhood sexual abuse, sold nearly 7 million copies when it was published in 1973. A serialized version ran in newspapers around the nation as readers gasped at “scenes of Sybil’s demented mother defecating on lawns, conducting lesbian orgies and raping her daughter with kitchen utensils. This kind of sex and perversion had never before been published on the ‘women’s’ pages,” writes author Debbie Nathan in a new book. “Sybil” was adapted into an Emmy-winning 1976 TV miniseries starring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward that was viewed by one-fifth of the American public.
Post photo composite

And it was an utter fraud.
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Is Fr. Jenkins Obama's "Dupe?"

The Cardinal Newman Society has more:

In a column, popular Catholic writer Colleen Carroll Campbell says President Barack Obama’s recent actions “seems intent on convincing Catholics that their faith in him was unwarranted” and making Fr. Jenkins of the University of Notre Dame look like a “dupe” for his invitation and defense of Obama two years ago.
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Cain Against Abortion, No Caveats

Weasel Zippers has the story:

Appearing on NBC’S “Meet the Press” today, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said he believes that life begins at conception and that he does not agree with abortion “under any circumstances.”
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Robert Downey: Forgive Mel Gibson

This is pretty moving stuff.

This past Friday, in the spirit of Christ’s forgiveness of the adulteress when she was presented to him by the holier than thou, a remarkably similar story has come to my attention from an area that I usually steer clear of: the shoals of Hollywood. And yet this is where a stunningly familiar event took place.
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This Should Scare You About Romney

Our fave guv teamed up with population control advocate John Holdren:

Conservatives know well that Mitt Romney has so far refused to back away from his contention that anthropogenic global warming is real, and yet the former Massachusetts governor continues to lead the Republican race for the presidential nomination. In seven debates, none of Romney’s competitors have challenged him on this position. This week, however, the blog Moonbattery found a very interesting memo from Romney’s office in 2005 announcing tough new regulations on emissions — and noting a partnership with a familiar conservative bête noire in this administration
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Voting Pro-Life

At every level. Robyn Lee writes:

Today I went to the grocery store to buy some comfort food for a rainy afternoon (Cheez-its and Reese’s pieces if anyone was wondering).

Happy with my purchase I walked out the door and was greeted by young professionals who asked if I was a resident of the town. When I said yes, I was introduced to the local politician who was running for Town Council.
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Bishop Finn Indicted

New Advent headline:

Kansas City shocker: Bishop Finn indicted on child endangerment charge, may face prison time if convicted...
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Tebow Tackled by Christophobia

George Weigel writes:

Two weeks into the NFL season, ESPN ran a Sunday morning special exploring why the third-string quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow, had become the most polarizing figure in American sports—more polarizing than trash-talking NBA behemoths; more polarizing than foul-mouthed Serena Williams; more polarizing than NFL all-stars who father numerous children by numerous women, all out of wedlock. Why does Tebow, and Tebow alone, arouse such passions? Why is Tebow the one whom “comedians” say they would like to shoot?
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What is JesusWeen?

It's Jesus and Halloween all scrunched together:

This sounds like a job for my 10 year old, Jango Fett the Bounty Hunter. Have a look,
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Is Romney Inevitable?

The WaPo thinks so but Pundette says no:

The Washington Post wants you to know that Mitt Romney is the "inevitable" Republican nominee for president. It may only be October of 2011, months before a single primary vote will be cast, but it's all over.
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Economy Slows, Birth Rate Drops

Time Mag reports:

It seems like more than just coincidence that the birth rate and the overall number of births in the U.S. have sharply declined since the beginning of the recession.
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Protecting Life and the 1st Amendment

The Susan B. Anthony List was sued over saying that Obamacare funds abortions. Democrats deny it. But now, Democrats are fighting to keep abortion in the plan. Kathryn Lopez writes:

I’ve been watching on C-SPAN the two sides of the aisle in the House of Representatives debate over the Protect Life Act. One thing is perfectly clear: There are two completely different narratives, two completely different sets of facts out there about federal abortion funding.
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Burglar Breaks Into the Wrong Rectory

Love this story from Father Z:

Burglar overpowered by three Catholic priests

The burglar was no match for the three – all in their 60s – and led by a former rugby playing clergyman who launched a flying tackle to bring the intruder to the floor.
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Anybody But Catholics

The Anchoress writes:

There seems to be a new unwritten reg at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It’s the ABC Rule, Anybody But Catholics.

It showed up in a letter from HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to advise the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Office of Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) that it would not receive a grant to continue its services for victims of human trafficking.
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Obama's a Big Fat Liar

Obama lied, and kids will die. And you'll be paying for it.

The Obama administration released a Statement of Administration Policy today threatening to veto a bill the House plans to vote on tomorrow that ensures no federal taxpayer funding for abortions under Obamacare.

On September 9, 2009, President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress and claimed about the Obamacare legislation: “And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up—under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”
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O's Faith Based Minister Goes Anti-Catholic

Thomas Peters writes:

There’s crazy …there’s nuts …and then there’s Huffington Post op-eds.

What’s worse is that this particular example of Catholic-derangement syndrome, courtesy of the Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, comes from a self-proclaimed “spiritual activist, pastor and lesbian” who was appointed by President Obama in 2011 to his White House Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.
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BC Celebrates "National Coming Out Day"

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Boston College’s student newspaper informs readers of the on campus events surrounding National Coming Out Day including barbecues, an open mic event called “Opening Boston’s Closet” and the annual game show “Guess Who’s Gay?”
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Muslims Molotov Christian Funerals

Religion of peace. Now with molotov cocktails.

Egypt: Muslims Hurl Molotov Cocktails At Funeral Procession For 24 Christians Killed…
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Episcopal Church Becomes Catholic

Rebecca Teti writes:

“The Rev. Mark Lewis awoke early on the last morning of his life as an Anglican priest and dressed in a suit and tie instead of his usual priestly regalia.”

Thus begins the Washington Post story about the conversion of St. Luke’s Episcopal church in Bladensburg, MD to St. Luke’s Catholic church last weekend.
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Catholic College Partners With Gay Advocacy Group

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

The Christian Brothers University in Memphis is initiating a new program in which students will sit on the boards of directors of local non-profit agencies, including the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center.

The MGLCC is among other things, a gay advocacy group which has run billboards advocating gay marriage featuring two women with the caption “We’re married and God loves us as we are.”
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No Christian Churches Left in Afghanistan


This is what $440 billion has bought us.

(CNSNews.com) – There is not a single, public Christian church left in Afghanistan, according to the U.S. State Department.

This reflects the state of religious freedom in that country ten years after the United States first invaded it and overthrew its Islamist Taliban regime.
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Abortion is Sacred Work? Seriously?

Planned Parenthood put up a sign saying "Planning for parenthood is sacred work." The pro-lifers disagree. Live Action has the photo:

Virginia Beach pro-lifers have a message for Planned Parenthood.
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Religious Exemptions from Obamacare?

On Faith has a wide and varied panel of folks discussing the issue. Some, like Fr. Frank Pavone, I agree with. Others - not so much. But it's worth checking out:

John Garvey, president of The Catholic University of America wrote on the op-ed page of the Washington Post recently about the new health insurance regulations which, he writes, “will require Catholic University to offer its students sterilization procedures and prescription contraceptives, including pills that act after fertilization to induce abortions. If we comply, as the law requires, we will be helping our students do things that we teach them, in our classes and in our sacraments, are sinful, sometimes gravely so. Is this just?
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Why Young Christians Leave the Faith

A disturbing study from Marcel at Mary's Aggies:

A newly released 5-year research project from the Barna Group highlights 6 reasons why young Christians leave Christianity. I will comment below, between the quotes of the study.

The research project was comprised of eight national studies, including interviews with teenagers, young adults, parents, youth pastors, and senior pastors. The study of young adults focused on those who were regular churchgoers Christian church during their teen years and explored their reasons for disconnection from church life after age 15.
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"Crucifixion" Artist Wins 1st Prize

Cool. I figured any artistic depiction of Jesus would be shunned.

ArtPrize 2011's $250,000 grand prize goes to an artist who came within a whisker of winning it last year.

UPDATE: ArtPrize 2011 winner Mia Tavonatti's gets bittersweet victory hours after mother's death (photos, video)

Mia Tavonatti, who took second place in ArtPrize 2010, won the popular vote for her stained-glass mosaic “Crucifixion,” announced this evening in DeVos Performance Hall.
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The Kids Aren't Alright

Pundette writes:

When the most pampered generation goes to college, cramped dorm rooms and cafeteria food are not going to cut it. From the Washington Post: "Out: taco bars. In: lobster tanks." An increasing number of colleges, including state schools such as U. of Maryland and Virginia Tech, cater to the persnickety foodie generation by offering "pho-style brisket, fire-grilled salmon, Pacific rim noodles, deconstructed cannoli," "honey-glazed ahi tuna," et cetera.
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Bill Simon, Revert

A wonderful story from Kathryn Lopez:

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin recently said something both profound and essential. As she was nearing her decision not to launch a presidential campaign — appearing to discern what role she could best play in national affairs, and perhaps preparing to let her most ardent supporters down easy — she asked Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, “Is a title worth it? Does a title shackle a person?” She continued: “Does a title take away my freedom to call it like I see it and to affect positive change that we need in this country? That’s the biggest contemplation piece in my process.”
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Tanning Beds Illegal for Kids, Abortions OK

Jim Hoft writes:

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill today that bans tanning bed use by minors.

Minors in the state of California will no longer be allowed to use tanning beds after Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Sunday prohibiting anyone under the age of 18 from using ultraviolet tanning devices.
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Halloween in Our Catholic Home

Bonnie writes:

Somewhere between the occult and harvest parties lies what Halloween could and should be.

I used to think that I had to keep all ghosts, witches, and monsters out of Halloween, no matter how cutesy. I don’t want to foster in my children an interest in the occult and I thought that keeping those things (things I loved before I had kids) out of our home was the best way to do it. Scary jack-o-lanterns and anything that was too creepy had to go. But then I realized that I was being unrealistic; my kids are going to see those images anyways and I so I needed to develop a plan for us to be in the world but not of it.
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Catholic Blogging a "Criminal Offense?"

Fr. Z has the story:

Once upon a time, a man learned that the Holy See has stepped up its concern about the rise of Satanism and has stressed that all dioceses should have an appointed exorcist. The man, whose interest was peaked, sent an email note to all the dioceses far and wide across the land actually having an email contact address – not all did, it seems – asking whether or not those dioceses had appointed exorcists. Of the 21 dioceses he querried, 2 replied. Of those 2 one refused to answer. And it is the message sent with that refusal which is the object of my puzzlement.

Here now are some of the details.
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Catholic College Hosts "Queer Jeopardy"

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Siena College, a Franciscan University in upstate New York, sent out an email to all students inviting them to an event called “Queer Jeopardy” hosted by the school’s “Gay Straight Alliance.”
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Check out The Pulp.it

Tito is asking that his readers tell our friends about his site The Pulp.it. He does a great job searching through the Catholic blogosphere looking for stories and you would do well to add him to your daily reading list. Definitely worth it.

Check out the Pulp.it here.

Study: Priests Happy, Appreciate Celibacy

Zenit reports:

Priests in general are among the happiest members of society, says Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, and contrary to secular opinion, most embrace celibacy as a positive aspect of their vocation.
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Anti-Catholic Sensitivity Training


A Catholic blogger, sitting down to take his mandatory sensitivity training at a state university, was shocked to see Catholics stereotyped in a very negative way. In the scenario presented by the PDF slides, a Catholic grabs people and calls a Muslim a “heathen” all because the Muslim won’t pray to St. Anthony to help find her ring.
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Shame on You!

Barefoot and Pregnant writes a must read. Seriously. Check it out:

Yesterday, my kids and I went with my parents and my sister to the state fair. I haven't been since I was little and my kids have never been. I was totally pumped to eat fried food, ride dangerous carnival rides, and watch my little girls get their faces painted.

Toward the end of the day, we finally found the face-painting booth. Sienna had been talking about this all day, so the hour-long wait could not deter us from patiently waiting. We adults took turns waiting with Sienna and Charlotte. At one point, my sister and I wandered off off to look at a ride, and when we came back to the face-painting booth and re-joined the kids and my mom in line, we noticed five police officers approaching the booth.
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Sesame Street's Intros Starving Muppet

Tax Miss Piggy!!!

It’s an Obama world. Meet “Lily” the starving muppet.
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Darn Tootin'

Obama wants to be the Santa Claus of contraception:

Free contraceptives and morning-after pills for all? "Darn tootin'!"

Obama struts his statist stuff at a St. Louis fundraiser and the cash cows love it:
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Cardinal: Celibacy Ain't the Issue

American Catholic reports:

In a recent interview, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, said that celibacy is not the cause of the lack of priestly vocations.

The Cardinal cites some statistics to support his assertion:
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Steve Jobs - RIP

May God bless and keep Steve Jobs.

Read the Anchoress on the passing of an icon and a man.

Enouraging Morning for Religious Freedom?

Richard Garnett writes:

Early reports from friends and colleagues who attended this morning’s oral argument in the Hosanna-Tabor case are encouraging. It appears that the justices were near-united in treating the administration’s surprising and extremist position as, well, surprising and extremist. Three cheers for Prof. Doug Laycock and the Becket Fund’s whole team of merry warriors for religious liberty.
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Breaking! Sarah Palin's Not Running

Big news.

BREAKING: Palin Announces She Won’t Run For President…

Update: Here’s the letter she released to her supporters.
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In Other News, Duh!

No Same-Sex Weddings at West Point's Catholic Chapel, Says Military Archdiocese

(CNSNews.com) – Will same-sex marriage ceremonies be allowed at the Catholic Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point?

“The answer is ‘no,’” said Taylor Henry, director of public affairs and media relations for the Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, and spokesman for Archbishop Timothy Broglio, who certifies all Catholic chaplains for the armed services.

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Pro-Life Parents And Vaccines?

Rebecca Taylor writes:

One of the most asked about and difficult ethical issues for Catholic parents to deal with is the issue with vaccination. Many vaccines are created with cell lines that originated from an aborted fetus. Cell lines MRC-5 and WI-38 are common cell lines used to produce vaccines for rubella, polio, hepatitis A and chicken pox. MRC-5 was developed from lung cells from a 14-week-old male fetus that was electively aborted in 1966. The WI-38 line was derived from a female fetus that was aborted in 1964. There are alternatives possible to using these cell lines that originated from abortion, but unless manufacturers are pressured to change to alternative cell lines, it is unlikely that they will.
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Call Your Mother

Adrienne features this great piece by Robert Ringer:

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I had an appointment in Arlington, Virginia. As we were walking toward our destination, we noticed a thin, elderly lady standing near the street corner. She was exceptionally well-groomed, and dressed in a colorful, neatly pressed outfit.

Leaning on her cane, she was looking around in what appeared to be a confused manner. We were concerned, because it was a very hot and humid day. As we approached her, my wife asked if she needed any help. She smiled sweetly and said that she was looking for her bank, but was not certain she was walking in the right direction.
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Reform the CCHD Now Report

Check out the report here:

For a number of years, there has been concern with the grants that CCHD distributes. There have been specific complaints that a significant portion of the grants have been given to organizations working in direct contradiction to Church teaching.

In 2009, American Life League joined with several other concerned organizations to form the Reform CCHD Now Coalition. In March of 2010, the coalition sent a report on CCHD to each bishop, showing that, in 2009–2010, 51 out of 237 groups receiving CCHD funding either directly or through coalition membership promoted abortion, birth control, homosexuality, and/or Marxism. Thus, 21% of the groups funded by CCHD were involved in such work.
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Univision Blackmailing Rubio

Commentary Magazine reports:

This sordid story about Spanish-language news outlet Univision allegedly blackmailing Sen. Marco Rubio is a few days old, but it’s getting renewed attention now that Mitt Romney​, Rick Perry​ and Jon Hunstman announced they’re boycotting Univision’s GOP debate as a protest.

Here’s a quick recap: Over the summer, Univision reportedly contacted Rubio and tried to persuade him to appear on Al Punto​, a show hosted by illegal immigration advocate Jorge Ramos. Ramos is a vocal supporter of the DREAM Act; Rubio is a vocal opponent. To make the TV appearance more attractive to Rubio, Univision allegedly sent its investigative team to dig up dirt on the senator’s brother-in-law’s decades-old drug arrest. The station’s executives reportedly suggested if Rubio appeared on the show, the news report on his brother-in-law would disappear.
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College Can't Withold Funding for Catholics

Good news from Badger Catholic:

Our humble university has decided to capitulate and pay legal costs to an unusual group.

No, it’s not a center for diversity. And it’s not my personal party fund either.
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Hey, It's the Back of the Pope's Head

Is this seriously the picture the New York Times used to commemorate the Pope's visit to Germany. You've gotta' see what pic the NY Times used:

Pope Benedict XVI made a historic visit to his homeland, Germany.

The pontiff celebrated Mass in front of tens of thousands of followers and addressed the German parliament.

What did the Pope actually say to these audiences? If you read the New York Times (Fri., 9/23/11), you won't learn much, except that there were plenty of "protesters," "opponents," and "demonstrators," who dominate the text of the article.

And here is the photo that accompanied the Times article:
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Steven Tyler's Ex-Fiance is Silent No More

Heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.

For 36 years she has kept quiet about her relationship with the rock star Steven Tyler and the abortion he talked her into in 1975. But Julia Holcomb will be Silent No More.
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No Gay Marriage at West Point's Chapel

CNS News reports:

Will same-sex marriage ceremonies be allowed at the Catholic Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point?

“The answer is ‘no,’” said Taylor Henry, director of public affairs and media relations for the Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, and spokesman for Archbishop Timothy Broglio, who certifies all Catholic chaplains for the armed services.
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John Wayne's Grandson on Conversion

Catholic News Agency reports:

John Wayne, for many, was a Hollywood legend who symbolized true masculinity and American values. To Fr. Matthew Muñoz, though, he was simply “granddaddy.”

“When we were little we’d go to his house and we’d simply hang out with granddaddy and we’d play and we’d have fun: a very different image from what most people have of him,” Fr. Muñoz told CNA on a recent visit to Rome.
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Father Barron's "Catholicism" on EWTN


Finding Father Robert Barron these days is an easy task. This is good news for those who love the Church, and good news for those on the outside wondering if they should step in, or even back in as the case may be. Whether it be books, radio, DVDs, or television, Father Barron’s seemingly ubiquitous voice has been called “one of the Church’s best messengers” by Cardinal Francis George. With a nimble intellect and loving heart, Father Barron has given the faithful an arsenal of catechetical material.
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Rubio: UN Ignoring Christian Persection

Calls the UN "cowardly":

Also demands Obama “relentlessly call” for release of Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhan, who’s been sentenced to death for leaving Islam.

(The Hill) — Freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) accused Iran of egregious violations of religious freedoms and lashed out at the United Nations for keeping quiet on the issue.
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Suffering and Spiritual Childhood

Chelsea writes:

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Thérèse, a lovable little saint whose example of humility and abandonment is a reminder of the strength that can be found when we embrace the limits of our human nature and place all our hope and trust in God who is “more tender than a Mother.”
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A Less than Perfect Mom

Arwen writes:

The other day I put this out on Twitter:

If you’ve never sobbed, “What do you WANT from me?” at your baby… well, you’re a better mom than I am, I guess.

I got a surprising - and comforting - number of responses from other moms who’ve been there. Their reassurances helped me cope with a rough afternoon.
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