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You Giveth, Feds Taketh

Obama's plan will hurt non-profits.

President Barack Obama’s plan to raise taxes on charitable donations by the wealthy is unlikely to pass in Congress, but sector executives say many nonprofit advocacy groups plan to rally against it regardless for fear that Congress will eventually grab funds now donated to charities.
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Mary De Voe said...

Persons who tithe have already paid their fair share of taxes to Caesar. Donations are free will offerings to support the church and charity. Separation of church and state dictates that any money donated to charity belongs solely to the non-profit Charity. When the Obamas take from the poor, they will succeed in taking the poor's poverty, the poor's disease, the poor's misery, and the poor's temporal punishment. Any person who dies because the charity intended for him was usurped by the Obamas will be known as a homicide victim, and the Obamas are guilty of his murder.

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