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Who's Your Daddy?

Sperm donors have hundreds of children which creates of some very awkward situations. Chelsea writes:

The whole IVF/artificial insemination social experiment has been a process of putting the whosyodaddy.pngdesires of adults over the best interest of children. Latest case in point: this week, the New York Times reported that the grossly under-regulated and greedy fertility industry has been allowing dozens of women to use the sperm of the same donor. At least one man has fathered more than one hundred offspring through his sperm donation. 150, to be exact – that they know of – and he may not be the only one. The result is hundreds of half-siblings who not only don’t know anything about their biological father, but don’t know each other, which could cause some awkward social situations:
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MaryW said...

So, the Church is right again. Whoduthunk!

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