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Time: Homseschoolers Outperform Others

I'm surprised this study saw the light of day, much less getting exposure in Time Magazine:

In some cases, home schooling may give kids a leg up on their public-school peers, finds a small, new study published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science.

As long as it's structured and follows a set curriculum, home schooling may actually lead to better scores on tests of math and reading, compared with public schooling, say the researchers from Concordia University and Mount Allison University in Canada.

The researchers studied 74 children aged 5 to 10 living in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick: 37 kids were schooled at home, and the other 37 attended local public schools. Each child was asked to complete standardized tests of reading, writing and math.

Researchers found that the public-school kids tested at or above their grade levels, but home-schooled children tested even higher than that — about a half-grade higher in math and 2.2 grades in reading, compared with the traditionally educated children.
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Anonymous said...

"This advantage may be explained by several factors including smaller class sizes, more individualized instruction, or more academic time spent on core subjects such as reading and writing,"

How about a more substantive and rigorous curriculum? How about more time spent on academics and less on pablum, fluff and co/meta/pseudo-curricular activities?

Mack Hall, HSG said...

There are no "homeschoolers"; there are parents who teach their children.

Some of my best students in fish English have been taught at home, which does not negate the sad reality that abusive parents too keep their children away from the public, for entirely different reasons. Learning is where you make it.

The state may perceive a public benefit in offering a basic education to all children, but the system has become something of a monster, usually through the voting public's inattention. In the end, education is a parent's duty, not the village's.

But, please, don't employ the unfortunate neologism of "homeschooling."

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