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"To the Victor Goes the Spoils"

Says black people should be getting more from Obama. Weasel Zippers reports:

Would Smiley then suggest a white president should “look out for” fellow white Americans?

(RCP) — Tavis Smiley says the President is ignoring blacks, the “most loyal” part of his base who “ought to be looked out for.” Smiley spoke to NBC’s Lester Holt. In April, Smiley said the 2012 elections will be “the most racist in the history of this Republic.
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Siobhan said...

He has a point. What has Obama done for the black community, except make sure that they have access to kill any unborn children that may be inconvenient? Obama has gone out of his way to not be perceived as "the black President". There are no doubt a bunch of blacks wondering if they wouldn't have been better off right now with Clinton or McCain.

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