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Pro-Abort Bullies Fail

Pro-aborts who were videotaped last week have lawyered up to force Ryan Bomberger and CampusReform.org to remove the video. Jill Stanek has the letter and Bomberger's response:

Cease and desist… not

I posted a story and video last week about a mostly white Georgia State University pro-abortion protest group shouting down a black woman at a pro-life event with the ironic words, “Trust black women!”

Now an attorney for the students – who took it upon themselves to organize a public protest at a public university – has ordered Ryan Bomberger of TooManyAborted.com to “cease and desist” – take that video down.
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Mary De Voe said...

Block out their faces and continue revealing the tyranny of abortion and the self-deception of abortionists

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