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"Playboy Club" Star Attacks Catholics

What a jerk. The former star of "Numbers" is a little upset his new show is a bomb. Tim Graham reports:

NBC’s series The Playboy Club remains in search of an audience, so some stars are lashing out on Twitter at the Parents Television Council, who’s calling for the show to be cancelled, since it promotes one of the world’s leading pornography brands.

David Krumholtz – who many might remember from CBS’s “Numb3rs”– attacked the PTC on Twitter for “randomly” choosing the Playboy show, but eventually turned to attacking Mormons and Catholics for having “a long history of degrading women.” When someone asked how Catholics currently degrade women, he snapped back “My bad. I should have said little children instead of women.”
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Sophia's Favorite said...

Those big jerk Catholics. I mean, sure, it was entirely due to their policies that Roman girls started getting first names (rather than just the feminine of their clan name), since the Church banned leaving daughters after the first out for the wolves. But they totally degrade women.

And sure, it's only because of the Church that High Medieval Frenchwomen could own property, practice trades, file lawsuits, and vote in any assembly men could. But they totally degrade women.

Oh by the way, the sex-abuse scandal was pubescent boys, not kids (and couldn't have happened if those responsible were following Church teaching). But I guess evil Catholics will do anything to protect gays, right?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see this show and Pam Ann or "Stewardess" or whatever it's called moving like a train wreck toward the episode where Maude gets a back street abortion? The American public is now smarter than the network liberals - that's why no-one watches anymore - no romance or fun just pornography allied to politically correct brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Another name goes onto my list of "entertainers" I will not finance/support by watching. I guess this guy doesn't need Catholic viewers.

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