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Newsflash! Church is Against Gay Marriage

Tony Layne writes of a bizarre case in New Jersey:

You have to wonder what kind of bubble surrounds East Rutherford, New Jersey that manages to keep the city isolated from the news of the world. I could sometimes wish for such protective isolation for myself.

Wednesday, North Jersey.com staff writer Deon J. Hampton revealed that Robert Russell, the music minister at St. Joseph in East Rutherford for 22 years, has decided to give two weeks’ notice. On July 10th, Russell was surprised and dismayed to learn from a homily pastor Fr. Joseph Astarita gave that the Catholic Church doesn’t accept even the concept of same-sex marriage. And when he confronted Fr. Astarita to reveal that he is gay and has been with a single partner for 15 years, the pastor had the temerity to suggest that Russell could change his orientation through reparative therapy, and to express concern about his involvement with a yet-to-be-formed children’s choir (“allegedly [telling] him he would be a ‘poor example’”).

Wow, who would’a thunk it?
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Mary De Voe said...

A sinner, a contumaceous sinner self excommunicates himself when he continues to sin, therefore, this person who refuses to stop sinning is no longer a member of Jesus Christ's church. Therefore, the man has no right to legally demand retribution for his condition and choice as he is free to choose but not free to obliterate TRUTH and the law. Since the man has freely left the Catholic Church by his refusal to surrender his evil ways he cannot demand that the church left him.

Mary De Voe said...

A man who rejects God and the Catholic Church’s teaching about God self-excommunicates himself and is no longer a member of the Catholic Church. The only way back into the church is through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Penance, admitting the sin and making a firm purpose of amendment: promising to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. One must submit to God’s grace and focus one’s life on the love and service of God through Jesus Christ. The man who refuses to accept the teachings of the Catholic Church self-excommunicates himself and is no longer a member of the Catholic Church and therefore, cannot sue the Catholic Church for any insults or slights because he does not belong in the Catholic Church and cannot participate in the benefits of being in the church among which are mediation and negotiation for a job. Certainly, the Catholic Church cannot have any scandal of innocent and virgin youth within its boundaries. If the man had any sense of music as a music minister he would be aware that the person witnesses to whatever he is by his very being and being a practicing homosexual for fifteen years is more scandal than any pastor wants or needs for the flock he shepherds.

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