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Inseperable for 74 Years

Now this is a beautiful story:

One day in 1936, in Marianna, Ark., teenager Joseph Lyon was sitting on the porch of his older brother's general store when a horse galloped up. The local boys clamored around to spook the horse, but Lyon was spooked by its rider, Ann Duke, "the prettiest girl in the world," he would say. Three years her senior, he dubbed her "Kiddo," and she called him "Jody."

They met again a short time later at a dance and quickly fell in love, married in a matter of months. "Til death do us part," they promised each other, though when death came this week they refused to be separated.

A little more than 24 hours after Ann passed on Tuesday, at 93, Joseph passed on Wednesday, at 96, both of natural causes, in side-by-side hospital beds set up in the living room they had shared since 1960.
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