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The War on Adulthood

The American Spectator has a great piece on the vanishing of adulthood:

A longtime acquaintance of mine -- we'll call him Sam -- recently announced that he'd joined an adult kickball league. Now the important thing to know about Sam is that he is the 48-year-old twice-married father of three adult children.

I once played kickball with Sam. That would have been in the early seventies at St. Mary's Grade School. After fifth grade, I hung up my sneakers for good. This, apparently, makes me a bit of an oddball.

I say that because kickball is the latest big thing, the newest fad. And fads are not just for children anymore. They're for grown-ups too. Or at least those people in their twenties, thirties, and forties we used to think of as grown-up.
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Rebecca Taylor said...

I have noticed this trend and have made my 15 year old go out and get a job to help pay for car insurance, driving lessons etc. She hates me for it. But more and more I have been hearing parents of kids that got everything handed to them lament that if they had the chance they would go back and do it differently. They realize now that they have raised self-centered forever adolescents.

Macmooski said...

We are already experiencing the effects of a version of "peter pan syndrome" in society....self centered people looking for an easy life with no strings attached....expecting those darn rich people to pay while they continue to play. Is it any wonder we are in the current mess? God help us.

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