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Vid: Rioters Rob Injured Young Man

Some nasty language in this awful vid but Charlie Cooke wonders how Mr. Livingstone can spin this.

A challenge to those who would defend the rioters: Spin this behavior into the Austerity Measures Are Causing Unrest narrative:
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bill bannon said...

After day one, the Briish army should have arrived on day two, and hurt people. Just rebels are not deterred by a hurting....thugs are. Last Oct. a ghetto thug broke in my house...I arrived as he was leaving....I ambushed him....and put a hurting on him...and got our things back including a weapon he had stolen.
What is it Ecclesiates says....there's a time for peace and a time to put a hurting on a thug. Do you think Peter was trying to cut off an ear at Gethsemane? LOL. He was trying to split skull but the guy moved 3 inches. He was wrong in context. But if a strong guy was raping your wife, splitting skull is appropo. As long as you don't hurt thugs, they'll riot....they are not just rebels as in Syria.

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