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This Almost Makes Me Want a Dog. Almost.

Wrigleyboys has a great post about his dog:

He doesn’t bark much anymore and he no longer cares about a ball. He was once that black pup that had a bark far larger than his palm size frame and would chase a ball till he could no longer move. That old dog we call Tucker now rarely gets up the gumption to climb the stairs, he rarely replies when you call his name and often scraps fall from the table and he doesn’t notice. But this wasn’t always the way.
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Mack said...

Oh, Matt! You don't have a dog? You are raising your beautiful children without a dog in their lives? Have you never read Senator Vest's "Tribute to the Dog?" Have you never seen "Old Yeller?"

Would you keep your children home from Mass? Would you deny them medical care? Would you give them only gruel and crusts to eat? Of course not.

And yet -- and yet they don't have a dog in their lives. Sniff.

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