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Seminaries Afraid of the Extraordinary Form?

Fr. Chris Smith writes:

I had just entered the seminary when Cardinal Ratzinger’s book, The Spirit of the Liturgy, came out. I had an English copy expressed to me and brought it with me into the chapel as my spiritual reading during our daily community Holy Hour. One of the older men knelt next to me as I was engrossed in Ratzinger’s chapter on Rite and whispered, “Do you want to get kicked out of the seminary? Change the book cover now.”
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Mack said...

A real pal gave me a copy of the 1962 Roman Missal. As a very ordinary Catholic (and convert), I find the Tridentine Mass beautiful, elegant, and just right.

The categories are not conservative and progressive. The categories are beautiful and clunky.

I am no artist or musician, I am wonderfully ignorant in matters of theology, I am not church-groupy, and I don't sport a "Follow Me to Mass at (Saint Swithin's)" bumper sticker. But I can discern between respectful usage and mere fashion.

The new revisions of the Mass are surely better than a transient way of doing things that was outdated as soon as the calendar turned to 1969.

Clinton said...

It's revealing that even with all of the hand-wringing
over the priest shortage, seminarians can still fear
dismissal if they're caught with the 'wrong' sort of
book (i.e., one that favors tradition).

Our seminarians are instructed to be open to all sorts
of alternative spiritualities, to embrace diversity. The
one spirituality that often does not receive a warm
embrace from seminary faculty is traditional Catholic
spirituality. Enneagrams, eastern meditation tech-
niques, the latest in pop psychology -- all are given
grave consideration by many seminary faculty.
However, if one is so foolish as to be caught reading
a book on the liturgy by then-Cardinal Ratzinger,
one courts dismissal?

Our priest shortage is an engineered famine. Good
men are not recruited. If they apply, they are dis-
couraged. If they persist, they are screened out as
'too rigid', 'not pastoral'. If they make it in but are
so careless as to reveal their love for traditional
catholic spirituality, they will be rooted out. And
all the while, the engineers of this quiet campaign
insist that our priest shortage can only be solved
if we ordain women and make celibacy optional.

I was astonished to read Fr. Smith's statement that
there are bishops who actually threaten to remove
their seminarians if the place were to offer to teach
them how to say the Mass in the Extraordinary Form.
What on earth are they scared of? That tradition
would give them cooties?

I don't believe that we have a vocations shortage. I
think that we have a shortage of ordinations because
seminary gatekeepers are willing to sabotage the
vocations of good men to further their own agenda.

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