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NUmber of Catholic Converts Declining

Monsignor Pope writes:

A recent report from the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) indicates the need for continuing sobriety among members of the Catholic Church in terms of the critical need for personal evangelization. We cannot remain unconcerned when it comes to declining numbers. More on this in minute. But first, I’d like to present excerpts from the CARA blog, written by Mark Gray. The full post can be here: Research on Catholic Replacement Matters.
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bill bannon said...

The piece perpetuates the odd myth that no one knew about priest sex abuse til 2002.....yeah if you're now a teenager.
It was in the media big time and on TV ( Diane Sawyer on a 60 minutes type shoe) since 1985 when the Southern US case of a serial pedophile priest hit the media and then other cases came out sporadically. 2002 reports simply lumped them all together in two large investigations in the Boston Globe and the NY Times. But it certainly decreased conversions and infant baptisms. Can you document it? No. It's that odd thing called commonsense.

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