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NPR Has Only Detractors of Pope for WYD

They can't seem to find any of the 400,000 happily heading over to WYD. Matthew Balan has the story:

NPR pretended that there wasn't a single supporter of Pope Benedict XVI in Spain on Friday's Morning Edition, choosing to devote an entire report on the "many people are grumbling at the cost" of the upcoming papal visit to the country. Correspondent Lauren Frayer not only failed to mention the 428,000 people from around the world who are registered for the World Youth Day event with the Pope, but also omitted the leftist bent of the protesters who are organizing a boycott.
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Pattymelt said...

I wonder how much money those 400,000 plus people are bringing into Spain to spend on hotels, restaurants, gifts, etc. But let's not think of the millions revenue coming in when we can bash the Catholic Church!

Mack said...

I watched on the telly the thousands and thousands of young people singing and clapping and cheering for the Holy Father and waving, in perfect joy, their national flags, not in some sort of ego-conflict but in harmony. To paraphrase a long-ago Bishop of Rome, "There is the Church's treasure."

NPR and Socialists are annoyed only because innocent happiness and jollifications annoy, well, you know, he-who-must-not-be-named.

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